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iHat Music Hat

The hat that rocks!

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iHat Music Hat

The hat that rocks!

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An innovative little must-have gadget for all those on the go, listen to music, keep warm and be cool, all at the same time.
Main Features:
  • Perfect gift for any music lover
  • One Size fits most
  • Prevents hearing loss associated with earphones
  • Compatible with any music player, iPod or iPhone with a headphone socket
  • No need for mains or battery power
  • Colour options: Black or Grey with pattern
  • High quality warm hat with built in headphones
  • Now handsfree capable with an integrated in-line microphone, volume control and selection button
Updated model! This amazing winter hat with headphones has just been updated to be handsfree capable with an integrated in-line microphone, volume control and selection button. So you can not only listen to your favourite tunes with awesome sound quality, but can also take and make calls on your mobile phone without having to take your hat off and getting your head cold. No other winter hat with built in headphones at this price point has this essential feature.

The iHat is an innovative piece of headgear for anyone that wants to listen to music, keep warm and be cool, all at the same time.

Simply plug the iHat, which has built -in speakers, in your iPod or MP3 player and just groove along as you go. It's perfect for travelling, especially to cold climates!

No batteries are required, as the speakers are driven by your MP3 player. There's a speaker over each ear for a full stereo effect. Far cooler and less fiddly than trying to combine a normal hat with wearing earphones, it also allows you to hear what's going on around you in a way that normal headphones don't!

iHat Music Hat Reviews

Customer Reviews

Brilliant so warm and comfy and amazing afforable sound quality! - Review by Gadget Girls
This has to be the most comfortable way to listen to your music, what a fab innovative idea to use a soft warm hat and why wasn't this thought of years ago. I absolutely loved my iHat it gives me hands free options with my phone and the fact I dont even have to physically get my phone out of my pocket to turn off the music, change tracks or listen to a call.
I feel this hat would fit most people as it was quite big on me, (I do have a small really I, but I prefer that flopped over beanie style. Its perfect for my bad hair days as its a great excuse to wear a hat (as long as its not Summer of course).
Plus the fact I dont have to remove my toastie warm hat to listen to the call is a huge bonus; I get to stay snug and warm. The speakers sit comfortably against your ears in the hat and you cant feel them at all, they have excellent quality sound and I love the fact you can still hear what's going on around you, its a major safety factor for anyone. I have always had a moan at cyclists who wear earphones as they cant hear us driving up behind them; with this hat they could hear a car engine and beep if needed.

Its ideal for those that love their sports like cycling, skiing and skateboarding as you can safely do your jumps and flips without expensive headphones falling off, zip up your phone/ipod in your jacket pull down the hat and your away.
But you dont have to be into extreme sports to enjoy this iHat as its perfect for those that just enjoy your music going to work, school, college, dog walking etc that also want to have the phone nearby too.
This is such an affordable gift to anyone especially this cold time of year.
hats off - Review by Nick Templeton
Hats off to Paramoun Zone :) I looked at quite a few ihat options online any could not find one that had a hands free phone call option for anywhere near this price. Really great winter product.
Quality Sound! - Review by Sallie M, Watford
One thing that shocked me about the iHat was the sound improvement as opposed to wearing a normal winter hat with standard earphones. It really is a totally different listening experience. For a tenner is a no brainer.
Stupendous! - Review by Thedj
I bought this item for my sister as a birthday present and she still finds it amazing. It's "easy" and most importantly "warm" as she says she has loved her music and has a slight tendency to be colder than everyone else. This product from my point of view definitely deserves 5* because the quality is brill. It's comfy and a lot easier to use than trying to keep a hat on over headphones!
Great! - Review by Josh
The iHat is a great and has a really good design. Itís a top product, and I would recommend it to anyone! Iíve seen it been given as gifts and presents on various occasions and it always brings smiles to my friends faces, it is not only comfortable but it keeps you warm and gives a great music sensation at the same time! This is a really good hat to use in the winter since it keeps you warm, but you can wear it all year ëround for a really stylish look! It would be great if it came in other colours, but overall itís a really fantastic item and I absolutely love it!
Amazing - Review by Benjamin
To sum up this is the most amazing item I've ever bought! It's really comfy to wear and such amazing quality (keeps you warm, too!) It's a must buy for travellers who like to be stylish when out and about.

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iHat Music Hat

iHat Music Hat Brand: ThinkGizmos

Rating: 4.9 stars, based on 6 review(s).
An innovative little must-have gadget for all those on the go, listen to music, keep warm and be cool, all at the same time.
Price: £6.99 - In stock

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