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Virtual Railway

All aboard!

Virtual Railway loader

Virtual Railway

All aboard!

Currently Out of Stock

Building a model railway takes a lifetime and plenty of cash. Our Virtual Railway takes neither.
Main Features:

  • Construct your layout in one of 5 locations
  • Select one of 6 preset layouts or create one of your own
  • Create hills, lakes, and tunnels
  • Add bridges, houses, stations and trees
  • Choose the trains from a wide selection of locomotives and rolling stock
  • Control individually up to 8 trains at any one time
  • Dynamic Graphics
This brand new version has just been released, incorporating many more features than earlier models - see below.

Virtual reality was devised as a way of escaping the horrors of the real world and what better part of real-world horror to escape from than rail travel.

If you're not left stood on a platform for 3/4 of an hour by three mischievous leaves that have strayed onto the track, then a signal failure, passenger incident, or combination of all three will no doubt conspire ensure you never reach your destination on time.

Our Virtual Railway software dispenses with modern-day train nightmares and allows you to create your own dream railway system (probably one without pompous station staff and lunatic alcoholics) and put it into operation on your PC.

You can run up to eight trains at any one time - something that most rail companies have problems with and you can make your network as big or small as you wish. New rolling stock and scenery downloads are also available to download and are constantly updated. Presumably that includes 146 different varieties of leaf to put the kaibosh on any ideas of punctuality you might have hadナ

Product Specifics:

Select a room, decide the size of the baseboard, design the layout, create hills, lakes, mountains, tunnels, then enhance the landscape with buildings, stations, trees, people and finally choose the trains - then operate the virtual layout before building the real thing! The long awaited sequel to Hornby Virtual Railway is finally here, with lots of new features, including more locations, bigger layouts, more rolling stock, more landscaping - the list is endless!

Virtual Railway Reviews

Virtual Railway

Virtual Railway

Rating: 5 stars, based on 1 review(s).
Building a model railway takes a lifetime and plenty of cash. Our Virtual Railway takes neither.
Price: £19.99 - Out of stock