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USB Smokeless Ashtray

Get rid of the fugg!

USB Smokeless Ashtray loader

USB Smokeless Ashtray

Get rid of the fugg!

Currently Out of Stock

Smoking is becoming more and more of a difficult pastime and secondary smoking a major issue, this nifty device magically removes the smoke from the ashtray.
Main Features
  • USB power connection
  • Also can run on two AA batteries (not included)
  • Smoke will pass through the filter and is absorbed by the carbon
  • Tray and filter can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Open/close the cover to turn on/off
  • Minimize smoke and odours in your work, home or office area
  • Red LED "headlights" indicate power status
  • Gift box size: 14.8cm x 10.7cm x 9.3cm (L x W x H)
Make secret smoking easier! The extremely clever USB ashtray and deodorizer is cool, not only is it an ashtray but also has a built in fan/filter which sucks that nasty air-polluting smoke full of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and the other 400 bad chemicals contained in cigarette smoke.

Cigarette smoke typically contains:

ユ Ammonia - found in toilet cleaners.
ユ Acetone - found in nail varnish remover.
ユ Cadmium - a highly poisonous metal used in batteries.
ユ Vinyl chloride - used to make PVC.
ユ Napthtalene - used in moth balls.
ユ Carbon monoxide - lethal gas in your car exhaust, it will cut down the efficiency of the smoker's breathing.
ユ Tar - the stuff cigarette smoke deposits in your lungs and clogs them up. Once inhaled, smoke condenses and about 70 per cent of the tar is deposited in the lungs.
ユ Nicotine - the powerful and fast-acting drug behind addiction. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream. Immediate physiological effects include increased heart rate and a rise in blood pressure.
ユ Cyanide - used in the gas chambers.
ユ Formaldehyde - used to preserve dead bodies
ユ Arsenic - poison.

If that doesn't get you to quit the evil weed, then you simply have to buy one of these great gadgets to clear the air.

Powered by the USB connector on your P.C. Simply opening and closing the cover turns the power on and off.

Shaped like a car the headlights glow red with their LED lights to indicate the power status. We think this is ideal for your home/office and is a bit of fun, as well as having massive health saving potential for you and passive smokers around you.

USB Smokeless Ashtray Reviews

Customer Reviews

USB Smokeless Ashtray - Review by Tony Holstein - Nottingham
Really good that you can use it with batteries too and not just the USB connection. Recommended.
Smokeless Ashtray - Review by Pam Liley - Leeds
For £9 I though this would just be a novelty gadget and not work that well, but It really does. Try it!

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USB Smokeless Ashtray

USB Smokeless Ashtray

Rating: 5 stars, based on 2 review(s).
Smoking is becoming more and more of a difficult pastime and secondary smoking a major issue, this nifty device magically removes the smoke from the ashtray.
Price: £8.99 - Out of stock