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Unusual Christmas Gifts - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas
Break Away From The Norm This Festive Season!

If you are looking for unusual Christmas gifts in your local store, you are flat out of luck. All you are likely to find are boring, flat presents that score zero for originality and charm.

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This means you will be spending another festive season shopping for bland merchandise when all you really want to do is see smiles on the facesUnusual Christmas Gifts For Himof loved ones when you produce unique Christmas presents for a change. Online shopping has finally ended the stranglehold of High Street shops that are now forced to make changes though they are slow in doing so. In the meantime, stores like are making a killing simply because we have a host of unusual Christmas presents that cannot be found anywhere else. We have a fast and secure website and are an Internet Shopping Is Safe (ISIS) merchant.

Unusual Christmas Gift ideas To Brighten Up The Gloom British Winter

Unusual Christmas Gifts: No Cause For Alarm

Unusual Christmas presents are not as hard to find as you might think. They say that the 1980s have made something of a comeback though with fashion changing so fast these days, it is impossible to tell. One thing for sure, most British males were addicted to arcade games during their youth. Give them another taste of the old days with an Arcade Alarm Clock (£13). It is basically an alarm clock that looks exactly like one of the classic video game machines you used to play in the old arcades before they were replaced by fruit machines. The clock even has mini joysticks which you can use to set the alarm (how unusual!). Whether or not you wish to wake up to the cold weather outside is another matter entirely!

Unique Christmas Gift ideas: Homebrew

When it comes to unusual Christmas presents, anything alcohol related should always be considered. Mr Beer Refills (£18-22) are the perfect way to struggle through those monotonous hours after Christmas dinner when you realise all that is on television are repeats of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Gone With The Wind. This unusual Christmas present allows you to refill up to 2 gallons of a beverage of your choosing. There are a variety of flavours including Golden Lager, Classic Blonde Ale and Archer’s Orchid Cider. Every refill contains sanitising cleanser, hopped malt extract dry brewing yeast and a host of different flavour malts. It should be noted that these are only refills and you must have separate kit to mix the drinks in.

Unusual Christmas Gifts: Rude, Crude With Attitude

No selection of unique Christmas gift ideas would be completed without some juvenile mirth. This is available in the form of the rather crudely named Fart Machine (£10) though you can call it an Advanced Whoppee Cushion if you are feeling more debonair. Luckily, the noxious fumes of gaseous release are not included so you can have all the fun of embarrassing people without the stink! This is certainly a unique Christmas present that is high on fun and cringe-worthiness. The kit comes with a speaker and remote control. Simply place the speaker anywhere you want and begin to prank your friends and family. There are a host of different noises emitted from the speaker which really will lead to red faces all around.

Whether you are looking for gadgets, toys or beer refills, has all the unusual Christmas gifts you need. For once, you can look forward to seeing people unwrapping their presents, safe in the knowledge that you have produced something that will generate smiles rather than puzzled frowns. Paramount Zone has already gained nationwide recognition as the best place in the UK to shop online. Our company now hopes to expand further and with our array of unusual Christmas ideas at hand, we are likely to succeed!

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