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Top Christmas Presents 2011 - Ultimate Christmas Gift List:
Ignore Hype, Use Common Sense!

Between now and the end of December 2011, you will hear a lot of hyperbole spouted in relation to the top Christmas presents 2011.

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All types of gift will be included from the usual pre-teen craze to the latest video games console and so on. In all likelihood, the majority of theseTop Christmas Presents 2011hyped toys and games will be a major let down, that is, if you can get your hands on them before they invariably sell out. Instead of worrying about the Christmas gifts craze of 2011, go online and shop from the comfort of your own home. leads the way in terms of UK stores with a fortnightly newsletter which keeps consumers up to date with the latest gadgets and toys as well as informing them of special offers on the site.

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Top Of The Christmas Gift List 2011: Pac Man Returns!

The retro flame has certainly not been extinguished. In fact, if anything, its strength is growing with old-school items among the ultimate Christmas presents 2011. It seems ironic that in such a modern society with all our brand new technology, we still seem to yearn for a era gone by. Old arcade games are still loved with Pac Man one of the all time favourites. Bring some nostalgia back into the life of someone you love with the Pac Man Alarm Clock (£12). It is a novelty clock but is still a modern 24 hour digital piece. It plays a variety of sounds that avid retro game players will recognize as original sounds from the game. All the important buttons and tools on the clock are represented by characters and features from the game.

Christmas Gifts 2011: Travel Without Stress

The modern era is a jet setting one with budget airlines offering affordable flights all over the world. Hopping from one European country to another is child’s play. Unfortunately, the baggage restrictions are not. Airlines charge hefty fines for bags that are overweight regardless of whether they are checked bags or hand luggage. The Digital Luggage Scale (£9) is near th etop of our 2011 Christmas Gift List. It is a convenient hand-held scale that measures the weight of your bag. It can handle bags of up to 40 kg and is accurate to within 50g. It weighs only 175g itself so is easy to place in your luggage if you choose. This could save you the irritation of having to hand over cash at an airport just to get your bag onboard.

Christmas Presents 2011: Making Bathtime Fun

Children are so used to receiving the standard cuddly toy or action figure that they barely get excited anymore. They are also notoriously difficult to get into the tub when it’s bath time. Wouldn’t it be nice to find something that coerces them into the bath and keeps them happy for more than 5 seconds? Gelli Bath (£5) could be the answer to your prayers and is certainly one of the top Christmas gift 2011. It is an incredibly simple but ingenious product. When you add it to bathwater, it transforms the water into slimy goo. This will drive your child wild with delight and it comes in four different colours. The goo is harmless and will quickly turn back into water once the special dissolver solution which comes with the pack is added. This product has the distinction of winning ‘Kids Gift of the Year 2007’ at the Gift of the Year awards.

The top Christmas gift ideas 2011 list is likely to change depending on which website you visit. It is hard to trust any of these sites as some of them may even be sponsored by companies whose products they are promoting. This is not the case with which is an independent site. We have several experts working around the clock to find the best deals possible as well as locating the coolest toys and gadgets available. Look no further than Paramount Zone for the top Christmas gift ideas.

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