TG810 - Magnetic Writing & Drawing Board by Think Gizmos

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In stock

MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES: The Think Gizmos Awesome Magnetic Writing Board includes a selection of accessories to boost enjoyment of this toy. Included with the magnetic board and pencil are 3 Magnetic Shape Block, 5 Stencil Cards and 2 Stencil Card Holders.

SIMPLE TO USE: Everything needed to enjoy this great writing board is provided. Simply remove the board from the box and start drawing with the attached pencil. Use the slider to clear the sketch pad and start drawing again.

LEARNING FUN: The magnetic sketch pad for kids is an ideal learning resource, practice writing, numbers, shapes and drawing all in one place at the same time as developing hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills when using the attached pencil. Awesome toy gift for any child over 3 years old (aimed at 3-7 year boys and girls)

STENCIL CARDS: Provided with the kids tablet shaped writing board are 5 additional stencil cards. Children will love using these to add additional images to their drawings and it will help teach them how to daw new things.

CHILD SAFE: Think Gizmos design toys with boys and girls in mind. Made from strong, safe and non-toxic ABS plastic the magnetic board is certified as safe for use by children and makes the perfect gift for children aged 3,4,5 and 6.

Fuel creativity in children with the Magnetic Writing Board from Think Gizmos. An awesome magnetic board perfect for children aged 3+.

As extra’s to your standard magnetic sketch pad, this writing board not only includes the writing board and attached pencil, it also includes 5 extra stencils helping kids learn to draw, 2 stencil holders and a cool brick building surround.

The brick surround is great as children can build models on the area around the board and the draw what they have made, increasing the ways to play and keeping children playing longer.

Included in the box is:

1x Magnetic Writing Board.

1x Attached Pencil/Stylus

5x Drawing Stencils.

2x Stencil holder blocks.

As with all Think Gizmos toys children can learn whilst playing, by using the pencil and board they can learn to write, practice letters and numbers, learn maths and improve drawing skills. This can then lead to improved hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and problem solving.

Children aged 3,4,5 and 6 will love receiving this brightly coloured drawing present as a new addition to there play things. And parents will love that children will be learning through play.

The magnetic writing board is designed to last and to be safe with smooth curved edges and made from non-toxic, strong and durable ABS plastic.

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