TG655 - Musical Dancing Penguin by Think Gizmos

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  • Featuring Bump and Go Technology, the Musical Dancing Penguin will dance around and if it bumps into an object it will automatically change direction.
  • Includes 3 different play modes which are Music, Story and Learning.
  • Everything needed to enjoy this toy is in the box including the required 3xAA Batteries.
  • Includes moving body parts, the mouth, eyes and wings all move during the moving action.

Part of the Awesome Child Development Series from Think Gizmos, the Musical Dancing Penguin is super fun for children.

The penguin features bump and go technology so when it is active and moving around, if it bumps into something it will automatically change direction.

3 Different play modes are on the Penguin and can be selected by pressing the button on the penguins front. This are:

  • Story Mode: A variety of different stores can be told by the penguin.
  • Music Mode: Music will play and the penguin will dance.
  • Learn Mode: The penguin will speak and ask you to follow instructions.

Everything needed to play with the penguin is included in the box. It requires 3x AA Batteries which are also included.

Ideal for children aged 18 Months Plus.

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