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Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

Shoot hoops and poop!

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball loader

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

Shoot hoops and poop!

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Liven up toilet time with a bit of sport - Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball should fit the bill.
Main Features:
  • Kit contains floor mat, hoop, 3 balls and ball holder
  • Guaranteed to make toilet time more fun
  • Could count towards daily exercise goals
  • Could raise general fitness levels
  • Fun for kids and adults alike
  • Can also be used in bedrooms and playrooms
  • Not suitable for use outdoors
A recent survey suggested that people commonly use their smartphone to entertain themselves whilst taking an extended toilet break. Other surveys also tell us that we all need to take more exercise. What if there was a more active alternative to toilet tweeting?

Enter the Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball kit. Everything you need to shoot hoops right from your china throne. A mat sits neatly around the base of your toilet with scale court markings whilst the hoop is attached to a facing wall or door using the integrated suction cup. Also included is a ball holder which can be attached to the wall (again using suction cups) next to the toilet roll.

Simply remove a ball from the holder, shoot for the hoop and try not to cheer too loudly if you make the shot. Three balls are included in the kit, giving you plenty of scope for practice.

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball not only provides some exercise for your upper limbs, but is also good for improving hand-eye co-ordination and general ball skills. Doing exercise has never been so much fun, and when your GP next asks how much exercise you take, you will be able to honestly state that you play basketball at least once every day.

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball Reviews

Customer Reviews

Good Fun! - Review by Jonny West
It's good fun and it passes the time while you are doing your business. It's a really good idea and I particularly like the suction cups because you dont have to start drilling through your walls.

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Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball

Rating: 4.5 stars, based on 1 review(s).
Liven up toilet time with a bit of sport - Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball should fit the bill.
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