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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (or Really Simple Syndication, take your pick). In a nutshell, RSS is a new way for people who publish content online to notify people interested in that content whenever fresh content is made available online.

RSS feeds are great for both our customers to keep up to date with all the latest and best selling items on, and also for web publishers to display our latest items automatically without having to update their site.

Here are the links to our latest feeds:

1. New Products RSS Feed
2. Birthday Present Ideas RSS Feed
3. Gadgets RSS Feed
4. Gifts For Him RSS Feed

Customers & RSS:

Whether you love shopping for the latest gadgets, toys and gift ideas or just like to keep yourself up to date with what's on offer, you can use RSS feeds to do just that. In a way they are a super advanced bookmark. You can use either a web based or desktop RSS reader to view the feeds (see our recommendations below).

Website Publishers & RSS:

If you run your own website, or write content for a site, you can use our RSS feeds to generate automatic content which will show all our latest or best selling items without you having to make any changes to your site. You could even do this in conjunction with our Affiliate Scheme and also earn up to 15% commission on sales for sending traffic to us. Recommends:

Web Based RSS Readers:

Web Based Browser RSS Readers:

Desktop RSS Readers:

Include RSS Feeds on Your Website: