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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Advanced

Meet your new cleaner

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Advanced

Meet your new cleaner

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Free up some of your free time and save on cleaning bills with this clever innovative robot vacuum cleaner. Always come back to a clean home!
Main Features:
  • Program it to clean while you are away from home - a great timesaver!
  • Auto Cleans at set times
  • Dust/dirt storage capacity:0.35L
  • New model has touch screen control panel
  • Effective, powerful, and saves you time
  • Virtual Wall Unit included
  • Cleans both wooden and carpeted floors (Not suitable for long threaded, heavy shag carpet since it is raised 22mm from the ground)
  • The perfect gadget for busy people
  • Movement: 360 degrees
  • Vacuum cleaner material: ABS, POM
  • Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Power time: About 70 mins between charges
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner Size: Diameter: 320 x H: 87 (mm)
  • IR Virtual Wall Unit Size: L:130 x W:110 x H:95 (mm)
  • UV lamp (underside of Robot Vacuum Cleaner) kills bacteria when cleaning
  • Optional mop feature for kitchen floors
  • Auto Recharges when tired or after cleaning cycle
  • Wall Auto Charging Unit Size: L:305 x W:85 x H: 110 (mm)
  • Auto Charging station, meaning it will recharge when it is low on power automatically
  • Suction power: 10-15W
  • Airflow: 100 dm3/m
  • Power: 25W
  • For each 70mins vacuuming, requires 3 hours charge time
  • Battery capacity: 2500 mA
Package Includes:
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Spare Dust Blocker x 1
  • Spare Brush x 1
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Power Charger (100-240V)
  • Remote Control
  • Quick Start Guide - English
RRP £299.99 - Grab a bargain!

Tired of lugging your heavy vacuum from its storage place, checking its bag is empty, finding a plug point and then pushing it around your house for half an hour? Is cleaning up eating into your free time?

It's time you got your self one of these amazing robot vacuum cleaners that will automatically clean your floors and recharges itself without you having to do a thing! You can program it to do it's cleaning while you are out of the house or asleep and it will ensure a much more healthy dust free environment.

How does this innovative household cleaning magician work?

To begin with it sweeps your floor with it's integrated counter rotating bristle brushes and beater brush that work together to release all of the dust and grime which has gathered inside your flooring. Then the robot vacuum sucks all of the loosened grime into it's storage compartment leaving your flooring and carpets super clean.

Via the touch screen control panel, you can easily program it to clean at a desired time. Why not set it to go to work while you are asleep, or while you are out of the house. Imagine coming down in the morning to a spotless floor. After the robot vacuum cleaner has finished its cleaning program it will automatically find its way back to the charge station and power itself up ready for the next cleaning time. It will also go back to the charging station when it is low on power. The Robot Vacuum keeps your house clean by going to work every day or as often as you like.

As well as the Robot Vacuum Cleaner intelligently redirect itself after hitting walls or obstacles, it also comes with one (IR) infrared virtual wall that you can position where you like to stop it going into certain areas of your house. You don't need to worry about it falling down the stairs either, as it has a sensor that will ensure it never does that.

It even has a mop feature on its bottom so that it can mop kitchen floors to leave them looking like new.

For best results we recommend that you observe the robot vacuum cleaner operate in each room of your house the first time you use it, so you can ensure that furnishings do not interfere with the units navigation.

This innovative robot vacuum cleaner knows the difference between different floor types (carpet, hardwood, tile, and linoleum) and it can detect dirtier areas and give them the extra cleaning they require. It does this buy going into spot cleaning mode. The low-profile design also means that it can easily fit under beds, couches, side tables, and other restricted areas that conventional vacuums can't easily get to without you having to move furniture.

Well suited for people with allergic responses...

For people with allergic responses or bronchial bronchial asthma, this time saving gadget will help you breathe easy! Having your house vacuumed each day guarantees that it's more dust-free than with a traditional vacuum. This model also features a built-in UV light which kills bacteria. Traditional vacuums aren't designed to access awkward places where dust, pet hair and dead skin (yuck!) are guaranteed to be hiding. This robots size and versatility guarantees that no such area will be left unclean.

This robot vacuum cleaner is ideal for people with pets as it will stay on top of the mess everyday and so prevent build up of dirt and pet hair.

Improvements over last years model include: A touch screen control panel, a Ultra Violet lamp on its underside to kill bacteria, it's even quieter, has a more powerful and longer lasting battery, and is smaller in size. Also, all wheels and brushes can be taken out very easily when they require cleaning (every few months) and it has better suction power at 10-15W.

The robot vacuum video below is of the old model XR advanced. The new model has a host of new features including; HEPA filter, twice the suction power, and increased reliability!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Advanced Reviews

Customer Reviews

I'm in love! - Review by 'Mazing Mummy
From the moment I switched on Johnny (5 - you just HAVE to give it a name) I was in love.
Off he went cleaning on his merry way, he seems quite happy to just wander and pick up along the way.
As per other reviews, you have to learn his limitations eg came home on first day and found him tangled on the living room rug - not his fault after-all, must remember to move things out of his way. Also, he didn't like my black bedroom carpet - again this was stated before buying so not his fault, but he had no problem with a dark blue mat in the kitchen.
It's not quiet but not overly loud either - it's a vacuum's going to make some noise!
As a full-time working mum this is worth it's weight in gold. Love it!
Excellent value - Review by CC
I have only had this for a couple of weeks and I have used it every weekday on the upstairs floor where we have 4 rooms + 1 bathroom with white laminate floors. It's fantastic, cleans well and I am astonished at the amount of dust it removes every day! I can't say it's been a time saver just yet as now I just follow it around the rooms fascinated by how it moves around. Need to clear up the floor of obstacles a little (it once got stuck as it found a small soft toy which got wrapped around its 'whiskers', and another time it got tangled into a thin cable), and it got stuck halfway over the stairs a couple of times, which I suppose would be annoying if you program it to clean while you are not around, but overall once you get to know it, it does a really good job. The noise level is also acceptable and at half the price of another major brand it is well worth it.
Brilliant little robot - Review by Maudie57
What a brilliant little worker. Got this as a xmas present and though I still have not managed to work out how to decipher the instruction manual to time its cleaning. It has been put to work every day cleaning and sweeping the floors. It has an easy to empty dustpan, filter and fan are easy to clean. Long hair which tends to get trapped round the brush spindle can easily be cut off if you remove the brushes.
It manages to manoevre itself round the room for approx 90 mins on a charge and sweeps up most things. It manages not to not throw itself off the top stairs, though grey and dark rugs can send it into a strange dance.
You get to know what items it gets stuck on, and once removed will happily trundle away sweeping.
The mopping facility it supposedly has is completely useless.

However it makes up for it in its sweeping ability. It wont replace your vac, but it does reduce how often it has to come out for minor crumbs and light rubbish.

I wouldn't recommend you use it whilst watching tv due to its noise level, that still leaves loads of other times when it can work whilst you are out.

Totally love this robot.
A part of the family!! - Review by Slingsby
After 6 months, our bot has acquired a name and a great reputation. Excellent on hard floors (we have 3 linked open-plan rooms) that get covered with one charge. Slightly less efficient on carpeting, as that takes more energy to move. Took us a while to fathom out her likes and dislikes (some things need to be moved, or she gets stuck) and discover the 4 different modes of operation and what they represent: easy to change mode by just stopping and restarting. Overall, a great time-saver and remarkably effective: my early doubts were quickly dispelled.
Brilliant little cleaner - Review by Dawn
I am amazed how well this vacuum works! Wish I'd got one sooner. I've been using it the last two days and its picked up a leaf, millions of dog hairs and loads of dust. I have hard floors but it has cleaned my door mats very well. The remote control is handy when I'm comfy in my chair, I can just press a button and it starts or stops. I like the way you can press dock and it finds its own way home. I'm telling my friends about it I love it so much. It was supposed to be a xmas present as my husband and I have paid half each. I wanted to make sure that it was working before I wrapped it. But I wont be wrapping it now as I love it. No more hoovering for me!! You have to make sure that you charge it fully before its first use. I had an email from the company saying if it wasn't fully charged it could cause problems later. The only negative thing is the silly decorative light (that's what its called) it does nothing except glow red or blue. You don't have to have this on though. Its very easy to empty, just pull out a little draw on the side. I haven't tried the virtual wall yet, but will when I leave it doing the upstairs carpets.
Vacutastic!!!! - Review by Jody
One of the most timesaving, innovative gadgets I have ever come across. It cleans my carpet and wooden floors to a spotless finish without scratching or damaging the work surface. I thought it was going to be useless at first but in the end it is probably my knight in shining plastic!!!!!
Recommended to anybody!!!!!
My new best freind ! - Review by Jen
I love this little fella ! He is so helpful that I have named him my new best friend. I was thinking about buying a hand held hoover just to help me out occasionally when I don't want to get my 'big' hoover out but I am so glad that I made this purchase instead. I have set him to do his stuff when we are out at work and love the fact that he is safely docked in his charger when we come home. Goodness knows where all the dust and fluff comes from but he manages to find it.
How did I manage without him ?!!!
totally awesome - Review by Sandy
I thought that the price might mean this wasnt going to be as good as it sounds... but i was wrong! it is amazing

i HATE hoovering. I had a maid specifically for that reason, and I was paying her more a month than this unit cost me, and this does a better job of hoovering too... plus its every day not once a week!

once you have this, you will not be able to live without it. Buy one right now... I cannot recommend highly enough, genuinely.
Fabulous in every way from the cleaner itself to Paramount who are excellent to deal with - Review by Tezi
Having a bad back and shoulder to an unfortunate car accident, this is just what I needed! Not only are my floors clean every day, my physio has observed much less strain on my shoulder and neck from vacuuming thus allowing for a better recovery not to mention less pain. So I think everyone should get one!
Exceeded expectation - Review by Leolyn
I have had this little gadget about three months and I love it. I can be getting on with tidying and polishing while this little guy cleans the floors. Goes from wood floors to carpets easily, and gets under side units.
The budgies seed and erm 'presents' get vacuumed no problem leaving clean floors day in day out with no effort. I simply roll up the rug and leave the door open to the kitchen and hall and set it off before I go out, it takes about 2-3 hours to run out of battery with the bacteria light off and in that time it has got every where. I sometimes sweep out corners into the middle of the room as it can miss these areas.
It can get stuck, areas it struggles with are the fire surround which is approx 2 inches off the floor, and door stops the spring design. It pushes them back as it cleans past them and they are the right height to switch off the on/off button.
If you have long hair it needs the brushes cleaned, but these clip out easily so it's not a problem. I'm always amazed at how much it picks up and the dust gathered. I must admit, the up right Hoover now only gets used to clean the stairs, sofa and rug.
Over all it has exceeded expectation.
Excellent product - Review by Peter
After it got stuck under a bed and I am pretty sure I damaged it as it will no longer charges, the best testament I can give is the real certainty I am going to buy another rather than mess. It is the best time saving device on the market and due to ill-health am unable to vacuum manually, this is the next best thing. I recommend it to anyone.
Fantastic - Review by Ryan B
As someone who's obsessed with gadgets this seemed like a must-have addition to the household! Having had it a week now I can honestly say I'm more impressed than I expected to be. It's such a clever piece of kit and hoovers very well. I've left it on auto most days just wandering about upstairs and it's done a fantastic job of the carpets. Just leave it 'til it needs recharging (just over an hour) and once it's docked itself to charge, just empty it ready to start again the next time. Highly recommended.
a good robot vac - Review by chris
Bought one for my sister, was so good i will have to order one for myself, delivery was two days....
Time Saving Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Review by B Elyson, Coventry
I rarely write to companies praising them but felt compelled to. Your delivery was fantastic and am thrilled with my Vacuum. Had it a week now and it's already saved me about 4 hours of cleaning. Every home should have one.
Good Value Vacuum Cleaner - Review by Kirsty Y, E Sussex
A friend of mine paid £250 for their Roomba and having seen theirs, I though I have to get one. But having searched online I found this one and after comparing the specs I took the plunge as the prospect of saving over 100 pounds compared to the Roomba was too tempting. After a month of use am very impressed with this model and does everything well.
Really excellent product1 - Review by Doggie
I've become very fond of my robotic cleaner and use it all the time to vacum and mop at the same time since it gives better results. My house had wooden flooring throughout and and is furnished in minimilist fashion;this robotic cleaner works well in these conditions. It does occasionally get stuck in some awkward places and needs a bit of a push to get it out. Overall though it's a very useful, timesaving gadget ideal for apartments and small houses. I do use this wonderful little device daily and that helps to keep dust levels low. It does miss some spots here and there, but again I just give it a little push and it soon clears them up. I thoroughly recommend this gadget, especially since it saves so much time and effort from not having to vacum and mop seperately. I really do love my robot cleaner!
Suprisingly effective - Review by Mike
I originally bought this as a bit of a novelty Christmas present but I can see it removing the need to manually vacum anything but the stairs. It works really well on rugs and laminate flooring and is such a time-saver! The only trouble I have with it is that I cannot find any spare brushes for it. Can anyone at Paramount Zone help?!
Briliant little machine! - Review by Brenda C
I am delighted with my new vacum! It's so efficient and I can now brag that I can "multi-task" as I do my ironing at the same time as my hoovering! I was a little concerned when I placed the order about how effective it would be at cleaning my floors, but now I've used it I'm a real convert! Thoroughly recommend this to anyone who needs a bit of a helping hand around the home!
Really good item, and super-smart! - Review by Nisha
This is such a goodlooking little gadget, and I love the fact that it stops at the stairs and reverses! It's made my mum happy too, she no longer has to nag me to help around the house!

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Advanced

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Advanced Brand: ThinkGizmos

Rating: 4.9 stars, based on 19 review(s).
Free up some of your free time and save on cleaning bills with this clever innovative robot vacuum cleaner. Always come back to a clean home!
Price: £159.99 - Out of stock

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