TG630-R - Red RoboAttack Remote Controlled Robot by Think Gizmos

In stock
In stock
  • Different coloured robots can be controlled without interference, so buy 1 of each colour for some super fun robot wars! Cool remote control robot is over 35cm tall and will bring a huge smile to any kids face, and adults too!
  • He walks, talks, dances to music, and fires missiles from his stomach. The built in revolving canister in his stomach holds 6 foam missiles. Just place them back in his stomach to reload! Sneak up on your enemy and fire!
  • The Robo Attack RC Robot by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected) has LED flashing lights in his eyes and stomach area. He will even show off and dance to his own groovy music!
  • All his functions are controlled with the included remote, making him the most fun remote control robot for kids available.
  • Robo Attack is about 35cm tall. Requires 6 x AA Batteries (not included). RC Robot comes in cool packaging and comes with English instruction manual fully translated in German, Italian, Spanish and French, making him the perfect gift.

Remote control toys make for fantastic gifts for kids, and this RoboAttack remote control toy robot is one of the latest on the market.

The RoboAttack RC Robot has a variety of features to keep kids occupied and happy for hours on end (Adults will find him hilarious too – until they get shot by one of the missiles!)

Shoots Soft Missiles - After loading him up with 6 soft darts (3 extra are included in the pack in case you lose any) he is ready to stalk your unsuspecting target. Move the remote control robot towards your target and then fire!

Walks & Talks Control the RC Robot with the controller to make him slide forward and backwards, left or right. He will also occasionally talk to keep you on your toes.

Want to see this remote control robot do something funny? Just press the “Dance” button on the remote control and watch his dance moves accompanied by music.

RoboAttack creates lasting memories of happiness for kids, and also adults. One of the best value remote control toys you can buy.

This remote control toy robot is a Think Gizmos branded product.

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