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Best Remote Control Helicopter Deals In The UK
RC Helicopter offers with free UK delivery

We've been doing RC Helicopter deals in the UK for over a decade, and the 4 helicopters below offer the perfect choice for your budget and performance level. If you are just starting out in the world of remote control helis, then we recommend our Gyro Zoomer mini copter that is under £20 including delivery, yet comes with a huge amount of fun. If you've got an iPhone or iPad, then try out our Lightspeed phone controlled helicopter that you control via your android or apple handset (how cool is that!). For more advanced pilots our Speed master 2.4 Ghz helicopter is the one for you, and for those wanting even more then our latest Turbo Drone RC Quadrocopter is simply awesome. Whichever remote control copter you decide to buy, we offer a range of spares for each model and back each sale up with great customer service. We recommend you watch the video clips of each helicopter to see what they can do, and of course please phone us if you have any additional questions. All the helicopters below also make the perfect remote control gift idea.

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Remote Control Helicopter Videos:

Details on our old Gyro Master Helicopter (Replaced by Gyro Zoomer):

Remote control helicopters have been improving at a rapid pace over the last few years, and this Gyro Master has taken a huge leap forwards once again.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so watch the video clip of this gyro helicopter in action to see what fun it is. It's 1:64 scale (less than 20cm long), and is perfect for indoor flying although it can also be flown outside in zero wind conditions.

It's hard to explain just how controllable this awesome remote control helicopter is, and all our office helicopter experts were stunned as we tested it out on its maiden flight.

So, what are the finer details that back up the claim this is the best indoor RC Gyro Helicopter we've ever had the pleasure of flying?

The most improved aspect is its controllability and this is due to it containing an on-board gyroscopic stabilising system that makes it amazingly responsive to the controls and hence extremely easy to fly even for beginner wannabe pilots.

The 130mah high capacity integrated battery is a major bonus, and we're not aware of any other gyro helicopter (of this size) that has a battery over 100mah. This results in far more power and flight time with this model over the competition.

It has stunning front LED lights that look awesome especially in nigh-time flying missions. Its reinforced metal frame construction design makes it extremely durable, and its blades are also more durable than last years models.

Its extra precise control system means it's great for beginners, but also make it great fun for experts as well, who can pull off some top notch manoeuvres.

We've been having regular flying competitions in the office (don't tell the MD!!), and we guarantee that if you get a few of these sent to your office, your working day will be a lot more exciting! Up to 3 helicopters (auto channel selection) can be flown at any one time so bag yourself a 3 pack and see who's got the best flying skills out of your friends or colleagues.

Everything that is required to get you into the air as quickly as possible is included in the pack (you just need to buy 6 AA batteries for the controller, which can be bought from us below).

Designed mainly for indoor flight, this cutting edge remote control helicopter can also be used outside in ZERO wind conditions. Just in case you do have a "Mayday!" moment, each helicopter comes with 2 spare back propellers and main blade set to get you back in the air as fast as possible. For extreme crashes, a handy extra spare back is also available.

Another great feature of the Gyro Master Remote Control Helicopter is that as well as the traditional method of charging via the remote controller, it also comes with a USB cable for even faster charging via the USB port on your computer. This latest rc helicopter also includes automatic channel selection so that any 3 rc models regardless of colour can be flown at the same time.

Overall this is the best mini rc helicopter we have ever had the pleasure of testing and whether you're 8 or 108 years you'll be smiling from head to toe a you pilot this mini marvel.

For those Geeks among us, here is more on what a Gyro actually does: Gyro (gyroscope) is a mini electronic gadget that detects unwanted rotation of the helicopter and automatically sends balancing commands to the heli's anti-torque controls. So it is basically a system that corrects unwanted movements and results in total precision flying and GREAT FUN! Finally, if you fancy a dual rotor copter, try out our best selling Chinook remote control helicopter that is now available for only £20 including UK delivery.