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RC Quadrocopter - Mini Turbo Drone

Can you flip it? Yes you can!

RC Quadrocopter - Mini Turbo Drone loader

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RC Quadrocopter - Mini Turbo Drone

Can you flip it? Yes you can!

Currently Out of Stock

OMG, this amazing Quadrocopter is now in stock. Hurry though, as it's flying off the shelves very fast indeed.
Main Features:
  • Perform awesome 3D movements!
  • Suitable for: Beginner / Intermediate / Expert
  • Micro Drone Quadcopter Body Weight: 30g
  • Quadrocopter Flight Time: Approx 9 minutes
  • Turbo Drone Charge Time: About 30 minutes
  • Quadcopter Control Range: About 100 meters
  • On board battery: 3.7 V 250mAh Lipo (Easily replaceable)
  • 2 x Micro Drone Quadcopter battery included
  • 4 Channel 2.4Ghz Remote controller with LCD included
  • Controller requires 6 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Quadrocopter comes 100% assembled
  • USB charger included
  • Instruction Manual Included
  • 4 Spare rotors included
  • Spare back available to purchase
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor flying (fairly calm conditions)
  • RC Quadrocopter size: 9cm x 9cm x 3.5cm (excluding rotors)
  • Built-in gyroscope for super stability
  • For ages 14+
  • Instruction manual must be read and followed at all times.

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Featured on the Gadget Show "Christmas toys aren't just for kids... and there was one pressie in particular I was keen to get my hands on, the Turbo Drone Quadrocopter!" Jason Bradbury - The Gadget Show

This updated model is now even smaller (just 9cm x 9cm!), which makes it perfect for indoor flying fun. It's still also great in outdoor conditions provided there is not much wind. You also now get 2 Quadcopter batteries included so you don't have to wait around during charging. BREAKING NEWS: You won’t find this Turbo Drone Quadrocopter any where else in the world. The design is exclusive to us and we've even added some amazing LED lights to it for an unbelievable night time flying experience.

We've been dreaming about a gadget like this for a number of year’s, and for it to have now arrived is absolutely ground breaking.

Sure, such Quadcopters have been available, but at the £200+ mark have been prohibitively expensive for your average Joe to experience.

And what an experience it is. Just check out the video to see what this awesome Turbo Drone Mini Quadrocopter can do. Overall the fun and excitement this Quadcopter brings for the price is absolutely stunning.

Lets run through a few of its top features...

1. As its says on the box: "Can you flip it? Yes you can!" The controller has an adjustment setting from 20-100% responsiveness, meaning its very easy for total beginners to use, but very experienced pilots (that will be you soon!) can do super amazing stunts like totally flip it over on itself mid air. The adrenalin rush this gives you is very nice indeed :)

2. The Turbo Drone Mini Quadrocopter is stable as a horse. The high tech built in Gyro means that it is unbelievably stable and displays very smooth movement.

3. It comes complete with a 2.4Ghz controllers, which is the nuts in terms of remote control flying. It makes it super responsive, you will never get any interference, bright conditions are zero problem (as they can be for infra red), and you can control the Quadcopter from up to 100 metres away.

4. Its very powerful so can be used both indoors and outside, even in slightly windy conditions, and the LED lights (can be turned on and off), make flying in dark conditions an absolute joy.

5. The 250mAh 3.7v Li-po rechargeable battery (included) provides ample power to perform cool stunts and fly the Quadrocopter at super fast speeds. The fact that it can easily be plugged in and replaced if needed is a real bonus and not normally a feature of flying devices at this price point. If you want to reduce wait time while the battery is charging you can purchase and extra battery from us that is included in the spares pack.

6. As mentioned, this Micro Quadcopter controller uses 2.4 Ghz technology, but it also incorporates an LCD display on it, which is usually a feature of only very high end controllers. You can easily adjust the trim on the 4 channels via the controller.

Rc Quadcopter

Overall, this is an amazing bit of kit for the price, and with a bit of practice gives a huge level of enjoyment. Incredible, simply incredible.

The Micro Quadcopter comes with spare blades in the initial pack, and the optional extra spares pack (for £7) includes 4 x Blades and 1 x Battery.

RC Quadrocopter - Mini Turbo Drone Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great - Review by swanny
Awesome and fun to play with but the battery can be an issue with how it performs. lack of spare parts is another issue and there's no way to shut the 100% beeping tone on the controller :(

BUT this is a really fun thing to fly and very entertaining, made for outdoors really.
good value and excellent handling for beginners. - Review by Bill
Bought this to teach my grandson to handle. Very stable and easy to master indoors but requires fairly calm conditions outdoors for beginners. I would recommend this quadcopter for anyone developing an interest in quad flying on a budget.
Best helicopter ever - Review by Fullbrook
I've had loads of different helicopters but this one is by far the best. I haven't ventured over the £100 mark but I have had large heli's at £50 with four way remotes but non have been as much fun as this one!!! It's easy to use for beginners but u will not get bored as you become more advanced because u can up the sensitivity and it becomes a different machine much more precise agile and with the stunts it really is wicked. I did a lot of research into other heli's and I promise u this is the best one for the money. The controller is sick makes it more fun, and I brought 2 extra battery packs which gives u almost uninterrupted flying time. If your thinking of getting one but are unsure please buy this and it will not disappoint!!!!
Best inexpensive quad out there at the moment - Review by Red Max. Edinburgh
Delivery was very quick and as advertised by Amazon. The charging instructions are all ‘arse-about-face’ but you can work it out. Download the battery installation instruction so you get the gyros to set properly. Failure to do so will result in violent crashes and chipped or bent props!
After a week, I have just about got the hang of it now and can control a flight around my living room. The great outdoors beckons but it is still too wet out there most of the time. I did try it out there between hail and rain before I had gained real control and hung it up in tree then flipped into the neighbours garden. Also went too high and presumable out of range of the controller... Wild!
All-in-all, a great fun toy and worth every penny but I wish Paramountzone would add a penny to the price of their ‘spares pack’ so I could order two spare batteries and not have to pay delivery for the sake of just two pence! Also the spares pack seems to have only two replacement props when a full set appears to consist of four...? I am still running my original chipped and bent set with no real difficulties, although I am sure it will fly a whole lot better with a full set of undamaged ones.
Turbo drone - Review by SiLvErBaCk
Amazing value for money seen this on YouTube and had to have one easy to fly even for a novice night time fling made fun with led lights?its very sturdy i've crash landed many times and had no problems i would say to anyone wanting to add to there rc collection or simply starting in the sport to get this first as it give excellent value for money loads of fun.
Fun For The Money - Review by Jake D, Windsor
Just got back from the park where me and 3 mates did some amazing stunts with our Turbo Drones. Really great product and outstanding value and fun for the money.
How good? Unbelievably good! - Review by Barry T - Brixton
Having purchased an AR Drone last year for £300 and watched it sail over several of my neighbours fences never to be seen again, I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced Quadcopter for a while, and having seen this for £50 had little hope that a gadget of this price would offer much performance. But how was I wrong. The controllability is amazing, and the fact that you can adjust the control setting response level from 20 to 100% is perfect as it means that as you master each level you don’t have to upgrade your gadget but just press a button on the controller. Be warned though, don’t go for 100% straight away as in this mode the Turbo Drone does flips that you will need a couple of hours of practice to totally master. Only negative is that to appreciate it to the maximum you do need quite a large space to fly it, but flying outside in calm conditions is no problem at all. You can fly it inside in average sized rooms but you just won’t be able to push the boundaries of what the Quadrocopter can do. It’s well worth purchasing an extra battery so that you can charge both up and don’t have to wait around much between charging. Durability gets a massive plus from me, as I’ve crashed it hard many times and have not even had to use the provided spare blades yet. LED lights are awesome as well and when flying outside in bad light really help me to keep control as I can see which direction it is going. For the price, it’s the best remote control product I have seen, by a very long way.

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RC Quadrocopter - Mini Turbo Drone

RC Quadrocopter - Mini Turbo Drone Brand: ThinkGizmos

Rating: 4.7 stars, based on 7 review(s).
OMG, this amazing Quadrocopter is now in stock. Hurry though, as it's flying off the shelves very fast indeed.
Price: £33.99 - Out of stock