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Remote Control Super Plane

Super fun!!

Remote Control Super Plane loader

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Remote Control Super Plane

Super fun!!

Currently Out of Stock

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Looking to buy an awesome remote control plane to have fun with down your local park? This super fun rc plane is perfect for beginners and is very easy to fly.
Main Features:
  • The perfect gift for anyone looking to have fun with remote control planes
  • Incorporates a powerful electric motor
  • Shock Absorbent Material
  • 2 x Rechargeable Lipo Batteries For Plane Included
  • Portable Charger (built into radio controlled unit)
  • 8-frequency selections in 900MHz band
  • 4 proportional control channels
  • Built-in Lipo battery charger in remote
  • Spare Propeller Included
  • Constructed With Super Lightweight/Durable Frame
  • Magnetic connections mean parts easily "snap" together
  • RC Planes Wingspan: 33cm
  • RC Planes Length: 30cm
  • Can fly up to 50m height
  • Planes Top Speed: 35 km/h
  • Flight time: Upto 10 minutes
  • Charge time: Approx 10 minutes
  • Can be charged from controller itself or USB port of computer
  • Radio Controlled Unit (Requires 4AA batteries not included)
  • 3-Channel Remote Control System
  • Comprehensive Instruction manual included
  • Full colour retail box
  • Plane Almost Ready To Fly Right Out Of The Box

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RRP £79.99 - Grab A Bargain!

Are you looking for the ultimate remote control plane to have fun with down your local park? This super fun RC Plane is perfect for beginners as it's easy to fly and also more experienced pilots due to its advanced features.

Not to be confused with cheap models that either won't fly or will easily break when you crash, this superb remote control plane is the real deal.

It’s very easy to fly and is packed with innovative electronics and comes complete with everything that you require (RTF) except the 4 AA batteries for the controller.

Fly up to 8 of these awesome planes at the same time!

This rc planes wingspan is 33cm, and as it is constructed with innovative super lightweight yet tough materials so that it can withstand a few crashes. It comes with spare parts included and has a magnetic system for joining the plane parts to the fuselage and even the batteries to the plane or transmitter for charging.

The innovative design is also extremely crash resistant, ensuring this plane can withstand more punishment than any other plane this size (the magnetic parts simply come apart at impact, thus limiting crash damage). It should be noted though that no remote control plane can take a direct hit after a nose dive, so care should be taken when flying it until you master the controls.

This fun remote control plane can reach speeds of up to 35 kmph and you get a nice 10 minutes of flight time out of each charge. Charge time is about 10 minutes and you can charge it via the controller or via the included mains adapter.

A brilliant feature of this plane is that the pack includes 2 batteries so you can charge them both up before use, therefore increasing flying time, and ensuring you don't have to wait around for the battery to charge up between flights.

This ready to go pack includes a 6-channel 900mHz radio with preset mixing settings for your plane (powered using four AA batteries) which also serves as the charger for the 85mAh lipos (you can also charge via your computers USB port if you like).

It's among the most fun and sturdy rc planes we've ever had the pleasure of flying and is superb value for money. An extra propeller is also included just in case you damage the original.

Please note that you should only fly remote control planes in windless conditions, and in large open areas away from very young children and animals.

Remote Control Super Plane Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great Service - Review by Flytog Ireland
I was given the little biplane for a Christmas present by my daughter. Although I fly a lot of model 'planes indoor and outside and have done for over 70 years , this little flyer amazed me ! It is stable at low throttle and very lively at higher throttle settings. I was silly enough to damage the motor at one stage and the back-up from Gary at headquarters was fantastic and I mean FANTASTIC !! No one could have been more helpful (other suppliers please copy) Buy this little parcel of FUN & enjoy !
Great RC Plane For Kids Fun - Review by Owen , Swansea
The plane I bought my some before this one broke in 3 flights and he was not a happy camper. Just got back from flying your 'Super' plane for 2 hours and he is smiling all over. After about 4 attempts he kept it in the air for about 2 minutes so it's pretty easy to fly. He crashed it a few times and there was no damage. Overall the ideal plane for some fun down the park.
Fun And Easy To Fly Plane - Review by Penny Dias - Bovington
Very fun to make and easy to fly and control. I would recommend it to a friend as it is the best plane I have ever flown
Kids Love This Remote Control Plane - Review by Penny Dias - Bovington
It is the best plane I have ever flown, and the kids love it. I would recommend it to everyone, especially beginners
Top Snap and Fly Plane! - Review by Derick Beech
The Snap and Fly is awesome. I'm amazed at how quickly it gains height, the it's just a case of reducing power and having fun. It's totally worth the money and this is the cheapest that I've seen it (it sells at a much higher price on other model websites). Many thanks to Paramount Zone for your excellent customer service!
The coolest Plane ever! - Review by Bee Bee
This is the best RC plane, ever! I purchased one for a friend's birthday and we were flying it around her garden within seconds. It's so easy to use, even smaller kids will have a great time with it, and such good value for money. Fun for all the family, 10/10!
Just awesome - Review by Miniclip
This item is just awesome! It outperforms a lot of the helicopters I own, and at such a bargain price too. Charge time is short and it provides a much better flight time than some of my more expensive models.
Just perfect! - Review by Brett Weigold
Love this little gadget! It's absolutely perfect for stunts and tricks, too.

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Remote Control Super Plane

Remote Control Super Plane

Rating: 4.8 stars, based on 8 review(s).
Looking to buy an awesome remote control plane to have fun with down your local park? This super fun rc plane is perfect for beginners and is very easy to fly.
Price: £39.99 - Out of stock

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