Pogo King - Pogo Stick

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Main Features

  • Elastomeric/rubber thrusters allowing for 4ft+ air height.
  • For ages 9+
  • Advanced polyurethane shock and sound absorption system so you won't annoy the neighbours.
  • Ultra-light – weighing in less than 13lbs.
  • Powered solely by leg strength & body weight – no pneumatic or artificial propulsion mechanisms.
  • Bike pedal width gripping footpegs for extra stability/control.

Not all pogo sticks are not created equal. The Pogo King Pogo Stick is the creme-de-la-creme of the bouncing stick world and will support anyone weighing up to 160lb (72kg). You'll need to be at least 80lb (36kg) to compress the spring properly mind. If it's big air you're after, look no further.

The Pogo King Pogo Stick can propel the Pogo-er (Pogoist?) over 4 feet into the air, making it perfect for legs akimbo trickster action. Patented technology holds things firmly together and 8 elastomeric thrusters fire you skywards with each bounce.

We reckon it resembles a trick pneumatic drill. But let's face it, what is a pneumatic drill if not a powered pogo stick? Which begs the question: why do road menders always look so glum? It's a mystery....

The Pogo King's extra-springy pogo stick arrives fully assembled so kids (and adults!) can jump straight on it and get bouncing.

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