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Nuclear Mug

Hands off!

Nuclear Mug loader

Nuclear Mug

Hands off!

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Keep the office mug thief from nicking yours with the glowing Nuclear Mug
Main Features:
  • Glow in the dark detailing looks like a toxic spill
  • Bright yellow design, warns mug thieves to stay away
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good for use with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cuppa soup and any other hot beverage
  • Does not require IAAA clearance
  • Great novelty gift
  • Comes with gift box
Every office has one. The person who helps themselves to any mug in the cupboard. Even when your drinking vessel has your name printed on it, you can be sure Office Mug Thief will still use it before leaving it unwashed in the sink for some other poor sap to deal with. If printing names on mugs isn't the answer, what else can you do?

What you really need is a mug that is so unappealing, so dangerous looking that no one in their right mind would nick it. In short, what you need is the Nuclear Mug.

Not only is the Nuclear Mug finished in a highly toxic looking shade of yellow china, it also features a prominent skull and cross bones with a 'Toxic' warning. And just in case that is not enough to deter Office Mug Thief, apparent holes in the china show a glowing mess of radioactive gunk inside the cup. Next time Office Mug Thief helps themselves to the cupboard keep an ear out for their startled scream as they are confronted by an evil glowing, and clearly dangerous, drinking vessel!

You however can rest safe in the knowledge that this is just a standard coffee mug with some clever printing designed to frighten and intimidate. Excellent!

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Nuclear Mug

Nuclear Mug

Keep the office mug thief from nicking yours with the glowing Nuclear Mug
Price: £7.99 - In stock