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MP4 Film Watch (4 GB)

Watch this

MP4 Film Watch (4 GB) loader

MP4 Film Watch (4 GB)

Watch this

Currently Out of Stock

A watch that plays your MP3's, full length films or music videos, has an FM radio and can even act as a voice recorder. Hell, it even tells the time, too!
Main Features:
  • 4GB flash memory (Can store about 6 full length films!)
  • MP4 player, MP3 player, Digital Watch and Voice Recorder
  • USB 2.0 or 1.1 compatible
  • 1.8" 65K OLED TFT true colour screen
  • High resolution 128 x 128 pixel image
  • Supports MP3,WMA and WAV format for music
  • Supports .AVI (NXV) format for video/films (just convert and other format with included easy software or download as below)
  • Includes an FM radio
  • External speaker/headphone socket
  • Support text reading (ebooks)
  • Support JPG, BMP format for image viewing
  • Packing: Gift box
  • Picture view can be manual or slide show
  • High quality digital recording in WAV format, voice recorder playback enabled
  • 4 Play Modes: Normal, Repeat One, Repeat All, Random
  • 6 presets EQ for your music: Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Pop, Bass, Custom sound effects
  • Displays time, week and date with hour, minute, seconds.
  • E-book format: txt. And file delete function supported
  • Built in speakers
  • FM tuning function: auto / manual scanning and saving , recording
  • Operating System: Supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery performance: 10 hours music playing time while screen is off, 5 hours movie playing time
File download: This brilliant gizmo plays your music tracks simply by putting them onto the player (device comes up as external drive when you plug it into your computer). To play videos or film clips, you need to convert files to .AVI (NXV) format (if not already in that format). This is easily done with the included software. If you have misplaced the software disc, you can download the .AVI conversion tool and also the program for adding pictures to the watch at these links.
1. AVI (NXV) Conversion Program
1. Picture Conversion Program
This is the most up to date and high tech MP4 Film and music playing watch, and has just arrived in the UK (June 2008).

Ever since Dick Tracy sported a watch that did more or less anything the discerning gadget lover could ask for, we've hankered after something a little techier than a calculator watch to adorn our tiny wrists. And we think we've finally found it in the shape of this 4 GB MP4 watch. Our best selling film playing watch of 2007 had 2GB of memory, and this latest 2008 model has double that (with no price increase!).

Not content with playing back video on its 1.8inch OLED screen, the MP4 watch also play MP3 files and has a FM radio function too. That's not to mention its skills as a digital voice recorder. So now you can slip about 1000 songs, 6 full lengths flicks or 160 music videos onto your wrist and take them with you wherever you go. You can also view pictures on it.

It's very easy to use, and to get your media files onto it you just plug it into your computers USB port (with the supplied cable) and copy the files you want over to it. Job done. You can even backup other documents from your computer and store them on the watch.

Both the picture and sound quality are stunning, and it comes complete with everything required, including earphones and charger. It even has mini speakers built into it so you can show off your favourite music tracks or films to friends without having to share a set of earphones! Who leaves the house without their watch? And how many times have you forgotten your MP3 player? That'll all be a thing of the past then.

MP4 Film Watch (4 GB) Reviews

Customer Reviews

Film Watch 4 GB - Review by Bryan T - Sunderland
What a watch! It just oozes COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.
Film Watch - Review by Crispin Clarke, London
Top Gizmo; I have mp3s, films, favourite photos, listen to radio, and can even use it as a spy gadget to record conversations covertly. Price is so low too. Also I want to say how happy I am with the service I got from I ordered last monday - got an immediate email confirming the order, got another email that evenning confirming dispatch with a quick tracking link, and the watch arrived the following morning. AND this was in December when most other websites are struggling to cope and give a 3 day delivery time. In fact I still have not recieved an order I placed at the same time with one of your competitors. Well done.
Cool Watch - Review by Amanda O'Hanlon - Ireland
Hi bought this cool watch for my boyfriend. he thinks its the business. definately reccommend it. delivery once again was excellent. thank you.
MP4 Film Watch - Review by Evan Hagan, Winchester
This has to be the best gadget I own. I store 2 full length films and a few hundred Mp3's on it, and use it on the way to work and back on the tube. Best of all it's not likely to be grabbed off me. Very cool gizmo.
Best version - Review by Domingo - Spain
Just upgraded and this is the latest best version!
MP4 Watch - Review by Penny Scott - Idaho Falls
I am going to order this product for my son for Christmas, I am so excited to receive it. We have nothing over here in the United States like this. This is so modern, and up to date equipment. I truly am looking forward to this item. Your store is great keep up the good work.
Great Service - Review by Miss Jackson - London
I have just received my wares and they came so swiftly I honestly cannot remember whether it was yesterday or the day before yesterday that I ordered them. I am very impressed with the originality of the items you sell on this website, the prices and the swift delivery. I shall be recommending you to my friends and family. Thankyou!
Brill - Review by Jonat - Gloucestershire
Brilliant watch! I can use it everywhere - who needs an iPod when you have this! Not only does it play mp3s etc, it has a radio so you can keep up with the news a function that most mp4s don't have. I cannot believe the price either, £50 for all this!
MP4 Film Watch (4 GB) - Review by Kaj N. - Balser.Try. - Denmark
What a wonder! This little watch is just amazing! I Own many watches like an old pocket watch with windup key. As a computer fan since the C64 I am very impressed!.What a RAM!.Especially the 3D-sound is fine. Better than a surround system. I use all the functions, and they work fine. Wonder if I will be able to use the giant memory. And it even tells the time! Next model surely will have an umbrella in it. (Daydreaming).

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MP4 Film Watch (4 GB)

MP4 Film Watch (4 GB)

Rating: 4.4 stars, based on 9 review(s).
A watch that plays your MP3's, full length films or music videos, has an FM radio and can even act as a voice recorder. Hell, it even tells the time, too!
Price: £48.99 - Out of stock