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Lip Flask

Pucker Up

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Raise a drink to your lips - from your own Lip Flask. A quick nip, whenever, wherever.
Main Features:
  • Easy-clean stainless steel inner
  • Easy open twist cap
  • Cunning disguise allows easy transport of booze anywhere, no questions asked
  • Fits comfortably into a handbag or pocket
  • Available in red or pink for perfect accessorisation
  • 71ml (1.5 fl. oz)capacity
  • Comes with plastic funnel for easy drink pouring
Why is a hip flask so called? Because it looks like a hip? And if so, who has a hip shaped like that anyway? How do they walk? Or get trousers to fit?

Far more comprehensible is our Lip Flask. Shaped like an over-sized lipstick, the name makes perfect sense. And just like it's pelvic counterpart, the Lip Flask allows you to take 1 1/2 ounces (that's 71ml for you metric kids) of your favourite tipple wherever you go.

Available in pink or red you should be able to pick a shade to go with any outfit, although you cannot actually paint your lips with the flask. A stainless steel inner keeps your liquor safe and sound without risk of contamination. The matching stainless steel screw top will also keep the drink from being splashed around the inside of your pocket or handbag. A plastic cap in pink or red completes the disguise (it could even double as a cup if required).

The Lip Flask is perfect for ladies (it would not look amiss in a handbag) or perhaps for the more flamboyant gentleman (someone might draw conclusions when they see your Lip Flask, but it is unlikely to do with alcohol!).

So when you need to transport few drop of your favourite tipple, the Lip Flask provides the perfect vehicle without raising the lexical and philosophical contradictions of a traditional hip flask.

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Lip Flask

Lip Flask

Raise a drink to your lips - from your own Lip Flask. A quick nip, whenever, wherever.
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