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Knife Throwing Set

Super fun party game

Knife Throwing Set loader

Knife Throwing Set

Super fun party game

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Bring the most dangerous circus trick into your own home with the Velcro Knife Throwing Set.
Main Features:
  • 5 eye-friendly, relatively safe Velcro-tipped knives
  • 3 Velcro practice targets
  • Safety specs for your victim
  • No previous knife throwing skills required
  • Laughter not included
  • Realistic design
  • No suitable for use by children under 12
No matter how clever sawing a woman in half may be, the cynical viewer knows that it's all just a trick, successful only because the magician diverts our attention and confuses our brains. Knife throwing however is the real deal - no sleight of hand will prevent a sharp knife killing the target if a mistake is made. Everything comes down to practice. Lots and lots of practice.

Clearly we don't advocate throwing real knives at people - you could have someone's eye out for starters. Instead we recommend that any budding circus performer look at this Velcro Knife Throwing set before moving on to real blades.

The Velcro Knife Throwing Set includes 5 plastic (eye friendly) knives and three velcro targets for you to practice hitting. Once your throwing is accurate enough, you can call upon the supplied safety specs to keep your volunteer's (or should that be victim's?) eyes safe as you throw velcro projectiles at their head.

The Velcro Knife Throwing Set is a great party game (before too much alcohol is involved) and may, depending on your corporate culture, make for a great team building exercise too. Whichever environment you choose, the Velcro Knife Throwing Set brings a much needed degree of safety to the ancient art of blade chucking - and a barrel of laughs too. Enjoy!

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Knife Throwing Set

Knife Throwing Set

Bring the most dangerous circus trick into your own home with the Velcro Knife Throwing Set.
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