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Lightspeed iHelicopter With Camera

Video your flying missions!

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Lightspeed iHelicopter With Camera

Video your flying missions!

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The award winning and super fun Lightspeed iHelicopter is now available with an on board camera so you can take
videos and snapshot photos of your flying missions!
Main Features:
  • Easily Controlled by your iPhone or Android smart phone!
  • Worldwide launch: March 2013
  • TURBO SPEED option button
  • Includes: 2G micro SD card (enough for 1 hour of video)
  • Includes card reader (just plug into yoru computers USB port)
  • 0.3MP Stills Camera
  • Video resolution is a quality 680 x 480 (25 frames per second).
  • Works with iPhone (all models including 5)/ iPad (all models) / iPod Touch and supported Android phones as below
  • Controlled by traditional controls on the App UI (Copter Controller) or with motion control (tilt your phone!)
  • iHelicopter With Camera length: 20cm
  • App called "Copter Controller"
  • Gyroscope helicopter with camera technology for smooth flying and video footage
  • Crash resistant body design
  • Spares included / extra spares available if needed
  • No extra batteries are needed (saving over standard rc helicopters)
  • 6-7 minutes flight time per charge (charges takes 45/50 mins from the included USB cable)
  • For ages 14 and above

I-helicopter Controller Compatible List

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Android App

Android Copter Controller App

iPhone/iPad App

Apple Store Copter Controller App

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The original Lightspeed iHelicopter was voted "TOP GADGET" In The Sunday Times, The Daily Star said it was "GREAT FUN" and it was also recommended on the Gadget Show, so imagine what they would think of the latest version that includes an on board camera for video and stills!

The award winning and super fun Lightspeed iHelicopter is now available with an on board camera so you can take videos and snapshot photos of your flying missions! Annoyed with your boss? Fly this super cool helicopter with camera around his head you you're guaranteed to get some great shots of him getting angry that will be perfect for any employment tribunal.

The 1st generation Lightspeed iHelicopter is awesome, but now with this latest version you can capture your best flights and all the places you’ve been and show them off to your friends, just like your holiday snaps. This iCam model is the best fun remote control helicopter with camera around, and swaps a usual controller for an App on your phone.

This innovative mini helicopter has a 300 000 pixel camera built into its undercarriage. Simply fly the iHelicopter With Camera, and when you want to take video or a snapshot photo just press the corresponding button on the app interface. Video resolution is a quality 680 x 480 (25 frames per second).

The helicopter with camera itself is amazingly stable thanks to the on board gyroscope, which means the video footage is also very smooth.

As the iCam helicopter is controlled by an App on your phone, it does not require any batteries, and everything you require for some awesome fun is included in the pack. You get a 2G micro SD card (enough for 1 hour of video), and the card reader is also included. After your flying mission has ended you simply plug the card reader into the USB port on your computer, insert the SD card and watch the footage!

The App is free, so why not download it now (Copter Controller) and see how it looks on your phone.

You can control it from your iPhone (all models including 5) / iPad (all models) / iPod Touch and supported Android phones including: HTC: Desire (+ Z / S / HD Models), Incredible S, Wild Fire, Wild Fire S, Hero, Sensation (+ XL / XE Models), Rhyme, Evo 3D, Flyer, One X. Samsung - i9000, GALAXY S2, GALAXY S3, GALAXY Nexus, GALAXY Note. Moto - MB525. LG - P350. Sony Ericsson Series XPERIA S LT26i. Google-Asus Series: Nexus 7

The iHelicopter with camera can be controlled Up / Down, Left / Right, Forward / Back, and thanks to the inbuilt Gyro this is pretty easy to do. There is a TURBO button for extra forward speed that is a fun option and Motion control is a brilliant feature that enables you to tilt the phone to make it move forwards / backwards and left / right. Many users find this is the easiest way to control the helicopter and easier than a traditional remote control.

Due to the extra weight of the on board camera, the battery in the helicopter has been upgraded to 240mAh so that you still get the 6-7 minutes flight time per charge. Charge time is around 45 minutes.

Overall this is an amazing bit of kit that will provide hours of fun for any geek. Please send us your video footage of your best manoeuvres!

The video below if of the original Lightspeed helicopter without camera. A video of the new helicopter with on board camera will be online soon, but in the meantime let your imagination run wild!

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Lightspeed iHelicopter With Camera Reviews

Customer Reviews

Now can spy! - Review by Shamus
Great helicopter. Works with my s4 and ipad no problem.

Very responsive, and the video taking is fun. Make sure you have a player that can play the vids though as windows media player wont.
Fantastic!! - Review by tracy messenger
I bought this for my husband for Fathers Day and he loved it!! He had great fun flying it and it was very easy to use, he was flying it around the house within minutes!
I now have one very happy husband, so this helicopter gets a BIG thumbs up from me :)
Fun Fun Fun - Review by Lord Hamilton
Received this fantastic gadget. Worked straight out of the box so no waiting for a charge. I was flying this smart copter around my living room with a few hrs of practice.

I even managed a light touch down on my teenage sons nose (much to his shock) The camera takes great pics and video for its size and I will be uploading some to YouTube asap.

This is a must for anyone who wants a sturdy phone controlled copter that can survive a crash land at full speed after hitting a 10 ft high ceiling(lol my first flight).

The copter charges in around 30 mins and you get on average 10 mins flight with turbo, lights and video on, with these off you can get up to 20 mins flight before copter needs a charge. The transmitter takes about an 1 hour to charge but lasts for about 3/4 hrs before recharge, but I would suggest recharging after 2 or 3 flights to be safe.

This is an indoor gadget only as even the smallest wind causes massive problems (yes I did try it).

The only thing I would like to see changed is the APP (it needs the ability to upscale size to fit tablets of 7" and higher as I also tested it on my galaxy tab 2 7.0 (worked great just small controls) I tested this on my new android phone the Razr I and worked no problems.

You all who have read this far should go and buy this Now for hours of Fun Fun Fun.

Go on buy it you know you want to.
Top Fun Gizmo - Review by David Stern
I had the original Lightspeed helicopter which I still use occasionally but this camera model is da business and so much fun. I purchased 3 of them and we spend lunch hours in the office flying them around to see who can get the best videos! Don't tell the boss!

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Lightspeed iHelicopter With Camera

Lightspeed iHelicopter With Camera Brand: ThinkGizmos

Rating: 5 stars, based on 4 review(s).
The award winning and super fun Lightspeed iHelicopter is now available with an on board camera so you can take videos and snapshot photos of your flying missions!
Price: £32.99 - Out of stock