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Grenade Mug

An explosive brew

Granade Mug loader

Grenade Mug

An explosive brew

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The Grenade Mug - Who knew that handheld explosive ordinances also make fantastic drinking vessels?
Main Features:
  • Realistic design, looks just like a real grenade
  • Army green colour with military logo
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Makes a cup of tea sexy again
  • Suitable for use with Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate
  • Perfect for use in the office
  • Will definitely explode on impact
The problem with tea drinking is that its adherents have cultivated such a gentle, refined image, deterring many youngsters from taking up one of the most famous of all British past times. What the tea growing associations really need is to inject some excitement, perhaps even danger. And the Grenade Mug could be just the thing.

Shaped like a real grenade the mug even manages to disguise the handle as a release pin, fooling passersby into thinking you have a portable explosive to your lips. Finished in matte green ceramics and with a military-type logo (with a nuclear symbol for good measure), the Grenade Mug instantly transforms a cup of tea into a mug of mass destruction.

So whether you need to cultivate an image of general craziness in the office, or are trying to blag it as a tribal warlord, the Grenade Mug will help create the right look. Certain to repel the attentions of the more cowardly and help you feel more Chuck Norris-like whilst enjoying a cup of hot beverage. And no one will ever laugh at you for drinking tea again

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Grenade Mug

Grenade Mug

The Grenade Mug - Who knew that handheld explosive ordinances also make fantastic drinking vessels?
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