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Gadget Show - Watch Great Gadget Videos:
The Camera Never Lies!

It is unusual to come across an online shop that has a gadget show captured on camera but that’s exactly what you get with This is a thriving online store that has been selling consumers the latest gadgets since 2000.

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Paramount Zone aims to be different from the multitude of other online stores that merely regurgitate what they see in High Street shops. They cheekily claim that what they offer is a discount.Gadget ShowIt is, until you take into account the cost of shipping. Paramount Zone prefers to let its experts do the searching and they continually come up trumps. Regardless of whether the latest gadgets are available in Japan or the US, this site always brings them to its UK customers at a reduced price, and have great videos of all their best selling products...

Gadget Show: Rise And Shine!

A number of their best selling items comprise this gadget show which consists of videos showcasing their products. This is a great tool for consumers who can see the gadgets in action before deciding on a purchase. The Advanced Sunrise Alarm Clock Dawning Alarm (£20) is one of these featured items. This clock is new to the UK and is designed to deal with that horrible feeling we get when we wake up in the morning. It can wake you up as nature intended, that is, with gradual sunrise. You can program the clock to begin simulating the sun for up to an hour before you are due to wake up. There is also a choice of 10 nature sounds which should ensure you wake up with a smile rather than a scowl.

Gadget Show: High Flier

The Wow Cessna Remote Control Plane (£40) is another item featured on the site’s special gadget show video and is the biggest plane the company has ever sold. It has an extraordinary wingspan of 78cm and comes with an easy to use remote control and high speed motor. Due to its size, the Cessna requires assembly but this can be achieved in 5 minutes, even by those completely inept with their hands. Its operating range is 600 feet, it is 2 feet long, can perform amazing aerobatic stunts, is durable and runs for more than 10 minutes on a single charge though some customers have recorded flights times of more than 20 minutes. If you are sceptical about this plane’s capabilities, check out the 3 minute video on

Gadget Show: Over And Out

Walkie Talkie Watches (£35) are another product featured on the site’s gadget show. These lightweight communication devices have the level of usability one would expect from a product several times more expensive. They are an extremely convenient way of conversing with friends and family if you become separated at a concert or other outdoor activity. They have an amazing 4 kilometre range which means you can save a fortune on mobile phone bills. This is especially the case since it is possible for up to 8 of them to communicate at the same time. Batteries and a microphone come free with the product and there is no additional charge. Once you buy them, you’ll never have to pay to talk.

The fact that Paramount Zone are so eager to place these products on their site in video form says a lot about both the products and the company. They have a transparency that is rare in the retail business and is a sure sign of a business confident in its ability to produce the goods whenever required. Certainly, the rave reviews currently enjoyed by suggest that this confidence is not misplaced. If you are interested in any of their merchandise, take a look at gadget shop online and watch how effective their goods are when tested on camera.

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