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VIP Table Football Table

A game of two halves

VIP Table Football Table loader

VIP Table Football Table

A game of two halves

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Beats Subbuteo into a cocked hat. Table football is probably the finest game ever invented.
Main Features:
  • Table size: L162, W83, H92cm.
  • Professional table in mirror black finish
  • Stunning chrome effect furnishings
  • Easy to adjust feet height
  • Smooth action poles
  • Matching metal drinks holders / score counters
  • Metal retro robot style players
  • Authentic grass-look playfield
  • Includes 4 footballs
A sure fire winner in any pub in the land, table football just seems to get more popular with age. Slap one of these in your living room and your mates will be round every night. Install a bar in your kitchen and charge them for the privilege. Well, you might as well.

If, like us, your idea of a great night in is a six-pack of lager and a top-drawer table football game, then this is the product for you. With the traditional 442 player line up, you get authentic pitch markings, graphics and 2 footballs just in case you get a little overzealous and launch one out the living room window.

Choose your playing style - measured minimalism or frenetic player-spinning, either is just fine. We got one in the office and, frankly, we're amazed we've managed to drag ourselves away from it long enough to write this. Buy one, but don't expect to get anything done for a couple of months.

Whatever your age it is very unlikely you will never have across table football and in having done so, even less likely that you haven't played a game or two and loved it. Previously the preserve of dodgy bars and youth clubs, the Viper table football allows you to enjoy all the fun of the game in the comfort of your own home.

Just like "real" football, the aim of the game is to score more goals than your opponent, which is where all easy aspects of the game stop. Because in order to score goals you need to manoeuvre each of your players into position using the supplied handles, and rotate quickly to "kick" the ball. Get the ball in your opponent goal and you're one to the good. But they too can attack and you have to deploy your players to defend, even throwing your goalkeeper into action as the last line of defence.

But if it sounds complicated, it really isn't. Whether a novice or expert player, Viper Table Football is incredibly addictive (and horrendously competitive!) in a way that no football console game has managed to achieve yet. This is probably our favourite way to indulge in a quick kickabout without getting wet, muddy and injured and if you do it right, the concentration and effort will feel like you have managed a fairly stern workout too!

So for a blast from your youth, or to find out how your parents entertained themselves as youths, the Viper Table Football game is an excellent investment. Score!

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Customer Reviews

Rocket Table Football Table - Review by John Devlin, Ireland
Great table at a great price, and a cool look too.

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VIP Table Football Table

VIP Table Football Table

Rating: 5 stars, based on 1 review(s).
Beats Subbuteo into a cocked hat. Table football is probably the finest game ever invented.
Price: £439.99 - Out of stock