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Boys Toys If you've got a young man in your life who loves cool and innovative toys or even if you yourself have never quite outgrown the appeal of Star Wars Lightsabres, paintball or remote controlled vehicles, you've just stumbled onto a little slice of paradise. The Boys Toys section of has everything you need to stock your tech company's common room, your bachelor pad and your nephew's bedroom to the nines with plenty of today's coolest and most innovative gadgets.

To see all the Boys Toys items, just go to our Toys department, by clicking on the "Boys Toys" button on the top of this page.

We've got games! From the 10-in-1 table games package that includes foosball, air hockey, pool, table tennis and shuffleboard to the fully loaded 118-game free-standing retro video arcade machine, from the pro Texas Hold'em Poker Set to plug-n-play Atari classics, we've got everything you need to keep your friends, family and yourself entertained for hours and hours available at unbeatable prices. Make your rumpus room the coolest place in town! We've got sports! Great items like the inflatable indoor basketball hoop and the inflatable boxing kit keep you and your kids active even inside, get you off the couch and out from behind the computer once in awhile and are an excellent and fun way to hone your athletic skills. We've got top-of-the-line remote controlled vehicles! The days when all your RCVs were sports cars and dune-buggies are long gone. Get boats, military replica planes, hovercrafts and blimps in addition to the classic zippy and speedy racing cars you've come to know and love. These are guaranteed to please both the young men in your life and serious RCV enthusiasts. We've got novelty items and party supplies galore. From hi-tech innovative drinking games with all the bells and whistles (literally!) to keep the fun moving during your next Champions League party to a 21st century digital update to the traditional whoopee cushion to an automatic fly-catcher shaped like a Venus fly-trap, Paramount Zone's whacky array of boys toys galore will keep the laughs coming over and over again.

Forget wasting time trolling through specialty shops all day looking for that perfect unique gift or addition to your swinging bachelor pad and then paying through the nose when you finally find it. Here at, we've got all your favourite boys toys in one convenient location for the best prices!

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