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There are 80 products in the "Big Boys Toys" section of which 38-80 are displayed below. For page 1 just click here.
Atari Classics 10-in-1 Atari Classics 10-in-1
Those highly addictive Atari classics are back and more popular than ever. Just plug this 10-in-1 console/controller in to your TV and enjoy a nostalgic 1980's gaming experience. More...
£24.95   Add to cart

Blade Runner R/C Helicopter Blade Runner R/C Helicopter
A proper chopper
This is our best selling "Boy Toy" of 2005, and after 5 minutes of playing with it, it's easy to see why. You can control it within a 20 metre range, and unlike other r/c helicopters, it features fully proportional controls. It's easy to pilot... More...
£78.95   Add to cart
Boys Toys: RC Tanks RC Commando Tanks
With real smoke and sound effects!
The functional turrets contain lazer cannons and can rotate 180 degrees on command, and when you inflict enough damage to your opponents tank, it will actually start to smoke. Four direct hits on you opponent results in the action figure in his tank being ejected. Game Over!! More...
£69.95   Add to cart
Hollywood Slate Hollywood Slate Board

If you've got a camcorder, add the complete Hollywood touch to all your home movies by using this professional slate board More...

£6.95   Add to cart
Endless Bubble Gun Endless Bubble Gun
Pure and simple fun!
We've tried every bubble gun on the market, and we think this is by far the best around. It shoots out an endless stream of bubbles, is spill proof and requires no dipping. Just pull the trigger and shoot...More...
£9.95   Add to cart
Pop Shotz Popshotz Multi Pack
The finest indoor handguns ever
Hand held, air powered foam rocket launchers with rocket storage. Fit a rocket to the barrel and squeeze the handle to fire the small rocket. This "battle pack" contains 3 guns More...
3 For £14.95   Add to cart
BB Battle Tank BB Battle Tank
Fires up to 25 metres
This 1/24 Radio-Controlled Battle Tank has high-impact plastic construction and high-traction treads, so it can handle rough "battlefields". You'll get hours of combat excitement as it has transmitter-controlled actions not found on other R/C tanks. It also fires BB pellets up to 25 metres at a rate of 1 per second. More...
£89.95   Add to cart

Air Cadet Table Top Hockey Air Cadet Table Top Hockey
A quality desktop game
This mains powered table top game is a must have for children and grown ups alike. Motors create an air cushion for the hover pucks to float on at great speeds, and it has an attractive ash finish and strong folding legs for easy storage More...
£74.95   Add to cart
  Fly Catcher Fly Catcher
No flies on this...
Fly Catcher is a new breed of fly trap, and is effectively an automatic fly swat, that lures a fly into its belly before snapping shut and humanly killing it. The trap can be placed anywhere in the house, office or garden and deals with the most annoying of insects. More...
£19.95   Add to cart
Rc Plane Remote Control Stealth B2 Bomber
Flying predator
A full sized original B2 Stealth will cost you about $3 Billion, and unless you're planning on taking over a small country is a bit expensive. This scaled down version enables you to enjoy and control the breathtaking design features of the B2, at a fraction of the cost More...
£74.95   Add to cart
Boys Toys: Table football 10-in-1 Multiplay Games Table
Spoilt for choice...
This great table solves the dilemma of getting bored with just one game to play. Table football, air hockey, skittles, shuffleboard, chequers, table tennis and pool are all included More...
In Stock
£199.95   Add to cart
Classic Table football 'Classic' Table Football
Very robust
This robust table is perfect for when space is a problem. With a pitch measuring just under 3/4 of the size of a normal full-size table, it still gives a fast and exciting game, but does not take up all your living space. More...
In Stock
£179.95   Add to cart
Nitro car ford focus/Impreza Nitro Ford Focus/Subaru Impreza
Professional remote control car
Fast enough to use for professional remote control racing (reaches actual speeds up to 50 mph), it's ready to run straight out of the box, and even includes some starter fuel, and a free pre sale service. More...

Flying saucer Remote Control Flying Blimp Or Bomber
The ultimate indoor toy
This updated 3 Propeller version is possibly the most fun remote control toy of all time...with Full Aerial Manoeuvrability, you can perform reconnaissance and rescue missions through the rooms of your house.... An extra blimp bomber shape is also included in this pack so you can drop bombs on a target that you place on the ground More...
3 Engine £59.95  Add to cart
Batteries £4.95  Add to cart
Seadoo Sea scooter Seadoo Sea Scooter
Holiday essential
Designed partly by British submarine engineers the seadoo seascooter is the worlds lightest, most efficient, most affordable personal subaqua transporter, and avoids the need to do all that tiring kicking when you are trying to enjoy the underwater sites. More...
£329.95   Add to cart
Play Off hockey Play Off Ice Hockey
How Pucka can you get...
With its injection-moulded rink made for tough treatment, stable legs which raise the game from the table and make it stand firmly, three-dimensional players with their own numbers on their backs, goal counters and plexiglass shields on the rink's short sides, Play Off is well equipped to satisfy your stringent requirements. More...
£69.95   Add to cart
Boys Toys: Mini Race Track Chaserz Mini Desktop Race Track
The ultimate old school fun
Remember whizzing those finely tuned cars around the scalextrix track for hours on end when you were a kid? Now you can relive all those exciting moments with this mini desktop race track More...
£14.95  Add to cart
Battle Tank Remote Control Battle Tank And Target
One player warfare
With full remote control, the turret revolves and cannon goes up and down, so you can hunt down and fire infrared beams at the remote unit that acts as a target. The remote unit tries to dodge your fire, and fires back, making your tank smoke if hit More...
£44.95   Add to cart
Big Boys Toys: X-Zylo X-Zylo
It even baffles NASA
The amazing X-Zylo can soar 600 feet, weighs less than an ounce, and has baffled NASA experts. It's a breakthrough flying object that puts the traditional Frisbee in the dark ages, as itís a cross between a Frisbee and a football, and spirals through the sky like nothing youíve ever seen before. Ití s easy to catch and More...
£5.95   Add to cart
Space Gun Space Rifle
The daddy of disc firing toys
Huge and superior space-gun with two cartridges for quick loading. It fires the soft foam discs with amazing speed and accuracy, whilst emitting cool zappy noises. More...
£11.95   Add to cart
RC Helicopter Hoverfly II
Indoor remote control Helicopter
Hoverfly is the best little helicopter ever - It comes attractively finished and ready to fly, itís small, tough and quiet - and it flies indoors, yet handles just like its bigger brothers More...
£199.95   Add to cart
Deluxe 16 Deluxe 10" Roulette and Gambling set
Get that Vegas feeling
Host your own gambling night.... Supplied with a quality 10" roulette wheel, blue roulette felt, 60 coloured chips and chip rake. Everything you need to get that Vegas feeling. More...
£14.95   Add to cart
Big Money Poker Set Big Money Poker Set
Play for high stakes without losing
Experience the thrill of Big Money Gambling without the prospect of financial ruin, with this cool Big Money Poker set. Contains casino grade textured playing cards, a rule book, and of course the Big Money More...
£9.95   Add to cart
Big Boys Toys: Rc Car Radio Controlled Car
Serious speed

This Peugeot 206 sports car is part of the Nikko Evolution series, and boasts both front and rear suspension for smooth handling. It's an impressively fast model, and is ready to use right out of the box. For individual fun or racing against friends, it's great fun, and at only a fraction of the cost of the full sized on road model, you can't go wrong! More...

£69.95   Add to cart
Night Vision Scope Ghost Night Vision Scope
See in the dark
It's amazing the amount of things that go on in the dark seemingly undetected. Now with the aid of these "ghost" night scopes nothing will be out of sight. More...
£164.95   Add to cart
Air Football Mini Air Football
Fast reaction essential
This innovative game uses air pressure to enable the ball to float from defence to attack on a cushion of air. Fast reactions are essential More...
£9.95   Add to cart
Big Boys Toys: Fart Machine Fart Machine
Advanced Whoopee cushion
Hi Tech version of the classic whoopee cushion. It has a variety of realistic noises that will embarrass whoever you play the joke on to the extreme. The remote control works up to 50 feet away (even through walls) to ensure maximum surprise, and keep you undetected. More...
£11.95   Add to cart
Space Shooter Space Shooter
Arcade space gun
The speed this cool hand held gun fires the foam discs is quite scary (especially if coming towards you), and combined with the flashing lights and arcade sound effects, make this an essential for indoor one to one (or group) combat. More...
Two For £12.95   Add to cart
Basketball Indoor Blow Up Basketball
Can you slam dunk?
Play one on one with a friend, or buy 2 and have a proper game with a group. This is an incredibly fun game, that's easily collapsible so you can take it anywhere. More...
£9.95   Add to cart
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