Please bookmark this page as the FLASH banners below are only available here and they
do not appear in our affiliate system.

The top 10 banners are flash banners, and affiliates can easily use these on their sites.
Just copy the html in the text box below the banner you want to use. You just need to
change the link by adding your simple affiliate code.

GIF Banners - To see where these banners are currently saved, right click on one, and
select properties. To save them on your server, right click on one, and select "save as".

We give you full and easy instructions of how to
link to us when you sign up to our affiliate program.

Flash Banners:

Html required shown below each banner.
Just change the "affiliatecode" to your affiliate user name.

GIF Banners: (login to our affiliate program to get these GIF links)