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ATM Bank Advanced Model

Wont go bust!

ATM Bank Advanced Model loader

ATM Bank Advanced Model

Wont go bust!

Currently Out of Stock

Store your nest egg in your very own ATM machine for the home. It wont charge you for taking money out
Main Features:
  • Recognises each coin and lets you set a target savings amount and check your balance at any time
  • Accepts both coins and notes - automatically draws in notes through front slot
  • Bank card included. Insert your card and input a 4 digit code to use the ATM
  • Enter your own security card and code to operate.
  • Draws in notes through slot.
  • Lets you check your balance at any time.
  • LCD display with calendar and clock.
  • Lights up and makes real ATM sounds when in use.
  • Will play a birthday song the first time the bank is activated on a pre-programmed date, and a Christmas song on 25th December.
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (included).
New Model! Ah, the myriad joys of the ATM, or cash machine as we generally refer to it in this country. Whether you're withdrawing £10 or £500, the buzz of slotting in your plastic, entering a four-digit code and then watching gleefully as money ushers forth from the little slot at the front and your card comes fizzing out of the receptacle like a scalded cat. By the gods, if there's a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, then we want to hear about it.

Sadly, the rush of the cash machine involves leaving the comfort and relative safety of your own home to be faced with muggers, drug pushers, pimps and hopped-up tramps, all trying to relieve you of your cash almost as soon as you've got your hot and stickies on it.

Surely what's needed here is a way to enjoy the rush of cash spewing from an ATM without the dangers that come with it? Well, that's exactly what we've done with our Science Museum ATM Bank. Use the ATM as a handy, domicile-based piggy bank and use the supplied card, with a programmable four-digit code, to access your pile when the mood takes you. Why it's even got a calendar and alarm clock function built-in, so you can sleep with your cash safely tucked up next to you and have your money wake you each morning. Something a lack of cash usually does in the middle of the night. Restful sleep and a deposit box for your paper empire? Priceless.

ATM Bank Advanced Model Reviews

Customer Reviews

ATM Bank Advanced Model - Review by Dave T - Manchester
Rather have my money in here than with Northern Rock!

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ATM Bank Advanced Model

ATM Bank Advanced Model

Rating: 4.5 stars, based on 1 review(s).
Store your nest egg in your very own ATM machine for the home. It wont charge you for taking money out
Price: £22.99 - Out of stock