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If you have a website with visitors that may like to buy gadgets, boys toys, gifts... why not join our Affiliate scheme, and you can earn up to 15% of all sales generated from your site. It's totally free for you to join, takes 5 minutes to setup, you get online live stats tracking all your sales, and as we run the affiliate program ourselves we are highly responsive to our affiliates needs. As our site containes many items that are exclusive to us in the UK you will also get great conversion rates for the traffic you send us.

To fill in the simple form, and start earning today, just click here.

Base rate 10%
Monthly sales of over £500 receive 11%
Monthly sales of over £1500 receive 12%
Monthly sales of over £3000 receive 13%
Monthly sales of over £5000 receive 15%

IMPORTANT: This percentage is paid on the total order, including delivery charges, so in comparison with other affiliate programs, you can add about 1.5% to all above rates, meaning we have the highest payout in the gadgets, toys, and gifts sector.

Feature Summary:

  • 10-15% Commission per sale
  • Up to date live statistics/graphs
  • Free and quick to join up
  • Easy deep linking to any page on our site
  • High conversion rate and cookies lasting for 30 years
  • Payment as soon as £15 reached
  • Quality eye catching unbranded banners
  • Data feed/CSV feed available of all products
  • IP tracking of commissions in case cookies are blocked

User Reviews:

"The affiliate program is off their own bat, and is one of the most affiliate-friendly affiliate programs I have ever seen!" Zyra Internet

"I've been making a decent living from affiliate marketing over the last 5 years, and have to say the Paramount Zone scheme is the best in the UK sector for gadgets, toys, and gifts. It's very intuitive and very easy to use, has highly competitive commission values, always pays out without prompting, and best of all has high conversion rates due to their product range being continually updated. Not one of the biggest UK companies, but certainly a big player in terms of affiliate payoff." Tonny McKenney

"This is the best affiliate scheme I have been involved with online. Paramountzone are always easy to contact and the affiliate payments are paid promptly. There is a great range of popular products to sell and the affiliate tracking system makes it easy to keep track of what I have sold and commissions on sales. The extra money I make from being a PZ affiliate is great and I would encourage anyone else interested in becoming an affiliate to give it a go and see for yourself, how easy it is to increase your income by affiliating with an established and reputable company such as" Clare Ross

Quite simply, our affiliate program, is the most user friendly, and high yielding program in the online gadgets, gifts, boys toys sector. Our scheme gives great statistics, and up to the minute information, which will enable you to generate maximum revenue from the traffic which you send to us.

RSS Feeds: Now you can use the RSS feeds to automatically generate great content for your website without the need to update anything. Read more about our RSS feeds by clicking here.

Banners: Many other online gadgets, toys, and gifts companies produce branded banners with their website name clearly visible on the banners. This can result in untracked traffic from your website and hence a loss in your commission. For that reason, we have a range of unbranded banners you can use. All these banners can be seen in the affiliate control panel (when you login).

If you cannot do html links yourself, our link code area gives you "cut-and-paste" code for your website.

The program is free for you to join, and we have a variety of eye-catching banners/buttons you can display on your site. So, to fill in the simple form, and start earning today, just click here.

If you would like to display our products rather than banners, that is fine, and you can easily link through directly to the exact page on our site that you would like to promote (deep linking).

A Data feed/CSV feed is available of all 800+ products so if you have a database site, you can add all our products via one data feed.

A very important feature of our affiliate program is that we not only track users via cookies, but also track referrals by IP address just to make sure you always get your deserved commission.

We have a very high conversion rate, and our cookies last for 30 years ensuring you get paid for repeat orders.

You get your own login details, so you can see exactly what sales commission you have earned, any time you like.

We have no minimum payout amount, but for admin reasons prefer to send you a cheque monthly, or when you reach £15.

To fill in the simple form, and start earning today, just click here.

Existing affiliates, click here to login.

If you have any further affiliate questions please email us at: af$ (replace $ with @ please)

"The Number 1 Affiliate Program For Gift Ideas, Toys, Gadgets, Gifts...."