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60th Birthday Present Ideas - 60th Birthday Gifts
New Birthday, Better Gifts!

How can you come up with 60th birthday present ideas that do not embarrass, anger or bemuse the recipient? Once you turn 60, you have probably had your fill of cardigans and comfortable shoes and would like a 60th birthday gift that is original, classy or funny at the very least.

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Opening a present only to find that it is another pair of trousers is not the best start to the so-called special day. If you are celebrating this60th Birthday Present Ideas milestone, you better hope that those purchasing birthday presents are looking in the direction of If they are, at least you can look forward to something worthwhile for a change. This company is spreading its already impressive store across the world and is helped by its low prices which trump anything you will find online.

60th Birthday Present Ideas: Ice Cold Beer

60th birthday gifts are the same as all others. You don’t have to restrict yourself to traditional conventions. In fact, deliberately do the opposite if you can, the birthday boy/girl will thank you for it. Nor do gift ideas for a 60th birthday have to be elaborate affairs. Once you reach a certain age, there is nothing better than a cool beer in the garden during the summer. The trouble is, the beer gets warm and unpalatable very quickly. The Ice Tankard (£4) is so simple yet is incredibly effective. The sides of this tankard are filled with a harmless liquid that go solid and cold when placed in the freezer. It is possible to then put warm beer inside because it will be cooled within minutes. The tankard is a far better solution than ice cubes because cubes dilute your drink once they melt. The capacity of the tankard is one pint.

60th Birthday Gifts: Treasured Memories

Once you reach the age of 60, memories become more treasured. This is why the Large Picture Pocket Photo Display (£9) is one of the most thoughtful 60th birthday present ideas you could have. The Picture Pocket has 20 transparent pockets which allow you to have a double-sided gallery. It is extremely light and can be hung anywhere in the home. Two normal sized photographs can be placed in each pocket back-to-back and left on display. 60th birthday presents should cater to a person’s sense of sentimentality as they fondly look back on the occasions and people in their life that gave them joy. Incidentally, there is nothing you can do if they elect to display your embarrassing baby pictures!

60th Birthday Gift Ideas: A Lucky Break

If you insist on only considering 60th birthday present ideas that are large in terms of scale, you are unlikely to do any better than a Premier League Pool Table (£1566). This table is a magnificent gesture and will warm the heart of any sports fan. Pool is a game that is enjoyed throughout the country by men and women. Instead of having to wait in line in smoky pool halls to play the winner of a game, you can just rack ‘em up in the comfort of your own home. This pool table is 7ft long and is a remarkable present whether it is a 60th birthday gift or any other occasion.

The vast selection of 60th birthday present ideas you can find on is really only constrained by the depths of your imagination. If you are looking for a grand gesture, a frivolous gadget or a breathtaking experience, this site is the place for you. Choosing gifts can be a difficult process which is why you are encouraged to use Paramount Zone’s Gift Finder tool. Simply enter the budget, who the gift is for and the type of person they are and watch as the thousands of items are whittled down based on your specifications. 60th birthday gift ideas should be special, and makes this possible!

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