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50th Birthday Gifts - 50th Birthday Gift Ideas
50th Birthday Gifts For A Golden Anniversary Of Life

In order to buy 50th birthday gifts, you need to come up with something that recognizes the recipient’s maturity while still trying to be a little quirky. Or, you could toss this advice out the window and go for something completely fun! After all, this is a major milestone so presents for a 50th birthday need to mark the occasion in style.

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Don’t add to their gloom by purchasing them a birthday gift which reminds them of their advanced years. Give them something thrilling and50th Birthday Gifts adventurous which makes them feel like they are alive. is no ordinary gift store. We specialise in 50th birthday presents that defy convention and are still talked about by their recipients years after receiving them. If you have any issues at all, you can contact their unmatched customer service team who respond swiftly to all queries.

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50th Birthday Gifts: Thrill A Minute

Once you hit the golden anniversary of your departure from the womb, you are allegedly in your autumn years. 50th birthday presents should celebrate life rather than bemoaning it. A Helicopter Thrill ride (£39) enables the individual celebrating their 50th birthday to experience life rather than just exist in it. You will get into the helicopter before it takes off and flies to an altitude of over 1,000 feet at a speed of 120 miles per hour. It is available in a host of locations throughout the UK with the passenger in constant contact with the pilot. The whole experience will last approximately 20 minutes with about 5 minutes of flight time. This may not seem like a lot but once you are soaring with the birds, each second will be treasured forever.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas: Heart Stopping Fun (Not Literally We Hope!)

50th birthday gifts can also encourage a greater level of activity amongst the recipient. If they have led a relatively mundane life, give them something to get their heart rate racing with a Bungee Jump (£49). Those celebrating their 50th birthday are just in the recommended age bracket for this activity as over 50s need a medical cert before performing the jump. As long as the birthday boy or girl can manage it, the Bungee Jump is several seconds of unadulterated exhilaration. You will have an elastic rope tied around you before jumping off a bridge some 170 feet in the air. Don’t worry, you will be back on solid ground before you know it! Listen well to the safety instructions before enjoying your 50th birthday in true daredevil style.

50th Birthday Presents: Emulating Willy Wonka

Of course, 50th birthday gifts should also be about enjoying the finer things in life. This is why a day at a Chocolate Delight Workshop (£65) should be among your list of 50th birthday presents to give to a loved one. The whole day revolves around the lucky guests creating their own Belgian chocolate masterpieces under the watchful gaze of an expert chocolatier. You will create a truffle filling which will then be dipped into luxurious Belgian chocolate before being decorated. The whole workshop lasts approximately 2.5 hours with 6 different locations in the UK catering to it. At the end of the workshop, you can take home 50 Belgian chocolates which have been designed by you.

50th birthday gift ideas should be a mix between adrenaline and relaxation and provides both and more. All of the packages offered by the company will be sent to your address within 3 days of purchase. The majority of the vouchers they offer are valid for 10 months and allow full access to everything described above. If you are looking for gifts that remind your friends or family of their age, waste your time browsing through local shops. If you want 50th birthday presents that will keep them smiling until their next birthday, visit

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