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4 Camera CCTV System With USB Output

High quality yet cheap CCTV system

4 Camera CCTV System With USB Output loader

4 Camera CCTV System With USB Output

High quality yet cheap CCTV system

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The difference in quality between this wireless camera and usual analog systems on the market is so noticeable that after seeing the difference yourself you would not dream about using standard analog systems again. This system has
Main Features:
  • One USB receiver plus four wireless cameras, suitable for wide variety of surveillance
  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Security Kit
  • Digital signal reduces interference and provides better picture and sound quality
  • Cheap CCTV system yet high spec features
  • USB 2.0 port required on your computer
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32bit)
  • Cameras can be positioned on flat surface or screwed into walls/ceilings
  • Supports Date, Time, Week Stamps if required
  • All four cameras can be seen at the same time (unheard of in Cheap CCTV Systems!)
  • Full software for computer included
  • Simply record footage to hard drive on your computer
  • Audio and Video Recording Options
  • Remote viewing option from different geographical location
  • Recorded Video Clips Played by our software or any other Video Player
  • Image device:1/4 CMOS Image sensor (not cheap CCTV Cameras)
  • Horizontal Definition:380TV Line
  • Transmission Signal: Video, Audio
  • Open Transmission Distance:150M
  • Size per camera: 8.5 x 5 x 2cm
  • 4X 2.4G wireless cameras included
  • 1X 2.4G wireless USB receiver included
  • 4X Power adaptor for camera included
  • 1X power adaptor for receiver included
  • 1X Manual included
Free UK Delivery on this superb cheap CCTV System.

Wireless CCTV security has never been as easy to use and low cost as it is now. This system is just plug and play, and its feature set is amazing. Even if you are looking for cheap cctv systems, you don't need to settle for a low feature set...

Only a few years ago such a comprehensive CCTV System as this would have cost you around £1000. This latest system produces a digital wireless signal that is far more accurate and less prone to interference than analog systems. Most wireless CCTV systems sold in the UK at the moment are still based on an analog signal, that represent a much poorer signal quality. While this is a cheap CCTV System with regard to price, it has a high specification feature set.

The difference in quality between this wireless camera and usual analog systems on the market is so noticeable that after seeing the difference yourself you would not dream about using standard analog systems again. This system has the advantages of a more detailed picture, better quality sound, less Interference from other devices (wi-fi friendly), perfect for motion detection and video recording.

Feature rich free software included in the pack: You can watch and/or record all four camera's footage on the screen at the same time (most systems cannot do this!), or at any time you can just select one camera to view full screen. All cameras have full audio, and at any point you can also take a snapshot photo of the footage which it saves to a separate folder. Now updated with motion detection capability, can record to time scheduling (daily/weekly/monthly), and can also alert you by email when detection takes place. You can even set it to just detect motion in certain parts of the view, and also adjust the footage quality (lower quality takes up less storage space on your computer). You can also view the footage from a different geographical location over the internet and It also has the option of stamping the footage with the date and time so that you can easily see exactly when certain events occur.

Everything required is included in the pack (except the computer), including 4 cameras (integrated transmitters), all UK main adapters (for each camera), and the USB receiver that you plug into your computer. The colour wireless cameras (also pickup sound) are small in size (8.5 x 5 x 2cm) and come with a swivel attachment, so they can be positioned on a flat surface, or attached to a walls/ceilings with the supplied fittings (cameras should only be placed indoors but can point to outside areas).

Setting up the system is very easy and each camera can be located up to 150 metres away from the USB receiver. This system is so versatile and easy to use that it has a wide range of possible business or personal uses including in nurseries, corner shops, offices, farming, parking areas, delivery areas, swimming pools, shop checkout areas, driveways and entrance areas.

Overall, this is the best Wireless CCTV System we have ever tested (under £250 price point) and whether you are looking to monitor business premises or need extra home security, this is the ideal Wireless CCTV setup.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32bit) .

4 Camera CCTV System With USB Output Reviews

Customer Reviews

Good but not perfect in set up - Review by Ian D
First of all hats off to Paramount Zone for getting this shipped so quickly. It did arrive the next day. Well done.

Sadly one of the cameras 'burnt' itself out when plugged in and was out of action from the get go. I have asked Paramount Zone to resolve this and I'm sure they will. Each camera requires its own power supply and the leads aren't the longest in length. However with some clever positioning, you should be okay.

I had this up and running in under 10 mins with the remaining 3 and the quality is very good for a basic level of security. If you're looking for a hi-tech kit then pay hi-tech money. The image quality is good enough for IDs if required by the Police if you've got a shoplifting problem. That is our requirement.

The set up software wise is a bit of a mare and the instructions leave alot to be desired. However Paramount Zone do email you out a little bit in advance and this helps. However in the documentation ( and this is my only area of upset ) I cannot work out how to view back individual channel footage and always get the four cam screen footage. If I can't do that then the product won't suit as its only on the individual channel do you get a good resolution image. If any user can help me out here, please comment accordingly.

Overall the set up is quick and its a cost effective way of installing CCTV. You don't need to be connected to the internet for the system to work but if you do the email set up is easy so you can get instant updates with regards to motion detection. You can also view remotely from a web browser. It does require Java though.

So long as I can see each channel on play back and the burnt camera is sorted, I can see it adding great benefit at very low cost.

One Of The Cheapest CCTV Systems - Review by Fred Watson - Kensington
Installed it in my shop yesterday (only took 20 minutes) and it works great. I was quoted 2000 for a 4 camera CCTV system including fitting 3 weeks ago so I have saved myself a bundle! THANKS!
Diverse CCTV System - Review by Kieran Harkins - Scotland
Hello everybody this cctv system is the best way ever to save yourself loads of money but still have a quality camera system. The USB feature is a very good idea and the quality of the camera video is immense. So all you people looking for a cctv system for at home or in a local business, this is good!
4 Camera CCTV System - Review by J.D. - LONDON
What a clever piece of equipment... installed it myself easy. Really good quality. Can't go wrong with this one. Sky cheap price.
Nice CCTV Bird Camera - Review by Mall P. - Hartlepool
Hi! I bought this system to replace my black and white cameras for my bird room after seeking advice from a local cctv company, who gave me this website. I am so pleased I bought it. The night vision is brilliant and I can record straight to my pc, so for all you bird lovers: this is a must have! 100% value for money and highly recommended. Thank you, Paramount
Cheap System - Great Value - Review by Alan Jenkins - Isle of Wight
Amazing value for money and ideal as nest box cameras. The front camera glass can be unscrewed (check warranty issues first) and the focus adjusted to suit. The software works fine on my Vista machine. Great product.
Great Out Of The Box With XP - Review by Paul Inglis - Edinburgh
Great product - works great out the box, Vista users - you may need to seek Vista drivers
Good CCTV Cameras System - Review by William T, Bolton
Really good product. The USB feature is a very good feature as I have it recording to my computers hard drive.
Simply amazing! - Review by Breaded
This item is fantastic! It took two minutes to set-up and was working instantly. Really impressed with this gadget, thanks so much Paramount Zone!
Excellent value for money - Review by Nelly
At this price I fully expected this to be rubbish, but I couldn't have been more wrong! It does exactly what it claims with no fuss, the easy setup means it works in minutes. Even remote viewing over the net is completely painless with this gadget. It has all the features you can think of for a system like this, and even though it's stated as suitable for 32bit Windows 7 it works fine on my 64bit system. I'm rather speechless in admiration for this fine bit of kit, best purchase I've made for a long time!

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4 Camera CCTV System With USB Output

4 Camera CCTV System With USB Output

Rating: 4.6 stars, based on 10 review(s).
The difference in quality between this wireless camera and usual analog systems on the market is so noticeable that after seeing the difference yourself you would not dream about using standard analog systems again. This system has
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