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2.4 GHZ Remote Control Helicopter - Speed Master V911

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2.4 GHZ Remote Control Helicopter - Speed Master V911

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If you've mastered Infra-red or 35 Mhz models and are looking for a step up in fun and adrenalin then this amazing Speed Master 2.4 GHZ helicopter is the answer.
Included In The Box:
  • 4 channel Speed Master Helicopter
  • 2.4G 4 channel transmitter
  • USB charging wire
  • Battery cradle charger
  • 3.7V 120mAh battery X 2 (extra included!)
  • 1 pair of spare main blades
  • Spare tail blade for v911 helicopter uk
  • v911 4 channel gyro rc helicopter Instruction manual

Batteries can be recharged via the remote control or USB cable (included)

2.4ghz Speed Master Helicopter Specifications:
  • 4 Channel RC Helicopter length: 22cm
  • Main Blade Length: 19.3cm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 3.5cm
  • Weight: 30.1g
  • Flight Distance : Up to 100M
  • Flight Time: Approx 9 mins
  • Charge time: Approx 25 mins (2 included batteries means no waiting between charges)
  • 4 Channels for amazing controlability.
  • 3D Flight Function: up, down, forwards, backwards, turn left, turn right, 360 turn, lean left, lean right, hover.
  • Suitable for indoor / outdoor flying (avoid damp / wet conditions)
  • Auto-protection to avoid overcharging
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries for the controller (not included)

PLEASE NOTE: When charging this rc helicopter for the first time, connect the charger to a USB port and only then plug in the battery to be charged.

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The best remote control helicopter we have ever stocked, by a long way... The ultimate v911 4 channel rc helicopter with gyro...

If you've mastered Infra-red or 35 Mhz models and are looking for a step up in fun and adrenalin then 2.4 GHZ helicopters are the answer, and there is not better model that this awesome Speed Master V911 Helicopter.


Advantages of the 2.4 Ghz remote control helicopters:

 - 2.4 GHz offers a higher data rate, and so gives more responsive controls. This means you can take on more advanced manoeuvres.

 - 2.4 GHz controls are not subject to interference like other frequency systems, so you can fly the Speed Master with confidence and zero glitches.

 - Due to it being on a much higher frequency (wave length is shorter) the antenna is very short so you won’t bend, kink or potentially damage someone with it.

 - You can fly many Speed Master V911 Helicopters together at the same time with no interference issues, and the control distance is up to 30 metres.


The downside of 2.4 Ghz models is that these benefits come with a price tag, and the cheapest you can find them is usually well over £60. That's why we think this Speed Master is the best value remote control helicopter we have ever tested, as we're able to bring it to you for only £39.99 including UK delivery (RRP £79.99).

 This mini v911 4 channel gyro rc helicopter is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but is a BIG performer. The best way to see what this helicopter can do it to watch the video clip of it at the bottom of this page. Unlike entry level mini helicopters this Speed Master can even be flown outside in windy conditions.

 It comes with a variety of spares in case you need them, and even includes 2 batteries for the helicopter so you can keep on flying and having fun while the spare on is charging up. Unlike most other remote control helicopters, spare parts are so easy to change on this heli as they simply clip on and off.

 The V911 remote control Helicopter controller incorporates a LCD display on it for advanced system information and more precise operation. This is unheard of in a helicopter at this price point.

This awesome 4 channel rc helicopter comes with everything included in the box (except 6 x AA batteries for the controller) and is pre-assembled ready for fun!

 Price promise: If you see any 4 channel 2.4ghz helicopter being sold in the UK, and dispatched from within the UK (next day UK delivery offered) that has a cheaper price we will match it.

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2.4 GHZ Remote Control Helicopter - Speed Master V911 Reviews

Customer Reviews

v911 4 channel helicopter - Review by nasa69
for anyone who wants to expierience the difference from co-axial to single blade, this is the one. almost indestructable and very quick and agile. brilliant helicopter.happy flying
Brilliant! - Review by Harty
Very lightly built and flexible, but durable. Not for beginners and needs a little patience in the early stages of learning to fly it. Dual rate rudder helps, but do ensure you've got take-off and hover cracked before you gently start to introduce full flight. Very satisfying to fly and extremely sensitive in all axes. Well set up from the box, but there is plenty of adjustment if you feel the need to tinker. Sensible controler with good digital trim and informative display. Almost impossible to believe at this price.
Very good V911 Copter - Review by Art
I bought the Speed Master helicopter recently and it came within a few days. I have to trim the 'Copter' on the controller which took me a day or two to get it to fly correctly, and by re-positioned the lifting arm on the PCB board as the controller's trimmers cannot trimmed pass the extreme on the screen. I recommend this Copter to anyone who like the challenge, as I managed to do all this in my small flat and I am very pleased with outcome! I will give it a full house on the value and price!
my new heli is amazing - Review by sandy
I bought this heli and its the best one I have bought. It is really good at flying. I would recommend this to anyone. I have got my friends and family members to buy this heli off of this site and everyone of them said its an amazing wee thing. If I was to upgrade I would definitely buy out of this website again as I was really delighted with my purchase. I wouldn't buy another heli off any other website again id always come to this one.
Great buy - Review by DaveL
I bought this helicopter based on the great reviews on this and other websites and I was not disappointed. 
The build quality and packaging are superb. The helicopter is well made and a lot tougher than it at first looks! The box makes a great portable case for taking the helicopter anywhere you want to go without the risk of damage. 

Flying is simple and quick to learn. Take it easy at first with small control movements until you get used to the response which is sensitive and very fast. 
The helicopter will lift off at about half throttle and will always pull to the left. (All helicopters of this type do this and a little right stick will minimise this.)
Indoors, watch the height you fly at. It is easy to hit the ceiling if you are not careful. Try to hover first. If you try to dash around before you get the hover your flight will be very short and certainly end in a crash!
Outdoors is exciting but not in a gale! The helicopter handles light breeze very well and once you have got the indoors hover sorted you can take this outside quite safely. 

A couple of negatives here that are easily sorted out. 
Firstly the mode button on the top left of the controller switches between high and low control rates but there is no indication on the transmitter display. To see the rate setting push the right hand stick Right then push the mode button. The bar display on the LCD will move up and down according to the mode selected. Low setting for indoors and high setting for outside.  
Secondly the display permanently shows 'mode 1' in the top left corner. Ignore this display as the transmitter is actually always in 'mode 2' setup and this does not change. 

Finally, the manual supplied helps but does lose something in its translation. Read it carefully a few times to get the most out of it. 

Excellent value for money and great fun. Suitable and tough enough for a novice flyer whilst being fast enough for the more experienced. 
great!!! - Review by matt
This is my second helicopter and the best. When I brought this I was expecting it to be harder but it is great for beginners and with its LED display it makes it so much easier on the screen it tells you how much power you are using which direction you are going and many more. another fact i like is it is so cheep and if you do have a crash spares are easy to get and it comes with a few any way. Another good thing is that it comes very well pactaged. any way this gets thumbs up from me 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Recommended!!! - Review by Mad Max
I bought a V911 from PZ after having a Syma S107G bought for me at Christmas and all I can say is wow! What an amzing bit of kit, it's still fun but it's a much more advanced craft.

The best part of it all however is the service I have recieved from PZ, they have been exceptionally helpful and nice to deal with through the purchase and a little problem I had with the 'chopper after purchase.

It's also worth bearing in mind that most of the shops that sell these helicopters are based in China, and those shops do not have anywhere near this level of customer service, or even postal times. This is the cheapest listing for this 'chopper that I can find, so if this is what you want - buy it now and enjoy!

Having owned many cheap indoor rc helis I thought this might have been another easy break short lived purchase. It still needs looking after sensibly but it is very robust and useable.
The controls are tricky for indoor spaces but its more to do with power and lightness of touch. Once you have mastered some indoor work take it outside and be amazed.
Its super quick, stable, and really easy to fly fast once you have some room. It also flies very high, although its easy to lose control and direction as its too far to see which way its pointing even. As a sceptic newbie to semi professional rc I think this is the best value rc out there currently. If your planning on spending £10-20 dont bother wasting your money just save a little more and get this one. Keep an eye for discount codes too... I got mine even cheaper using a paramount discount code.
5 star
fantastic , easy to fly helicopter - Review by anthony
this is my first helicopter i have never flown one before.
It has the wow factor the controls made it easy to fly in all directions. got 2 batteries that can be charge when out via the remote taking 25 to get it fully charged.
It.can be flown very slow as well as very fast ;-). I would recommend this to any 1 from novice upwards.
Lots of fun. and a fantastic price, many thanks Paramount Zone for stocking them.
It's Choppertastic - Review by TallPaul
As my first RC mini helicopter, at first I thought this was a bit advanced for me. But with patience and practice, I can now fly it around my small living room and navigate it through each room of my flat. It has taken a bit of a battering (down the back of the tv, hit the walls etc) and still flies very well. It's a tough little thing! And if you do break anything, spares are easy to come by.
I can't wait to take it outside when the weather gets better and see it's potential. Come on Summer!
For £40, I don't think you will get better, anywhere! Great value, great fun and VERY addictive. Go on, buy one!
Awesome Helicopter - Review by Tallpaul
This is my first rc helicopter and if I am honest, it was probably a bit advanced for a first timer. But by following the instructions and taking my time learning the controls, I have now got the hang of it and love every minute of flying.
Being a novice and flying it in my small living room, I have crashed it a lot but this is a tough little heli and still flies well despite getting a battering from my less than nimble adjustments.
Am really looking forward to taking it outside and practicing longer flight distances and bigger turns. Just praying for drier and better weather. Come on Summer!!!.

I highly recommend this helicopter. Enjoy!
v911 Speedster - Review by Damo
Brilliant heli very fast and stable perfect for moving up from the 3.5 channel models as its so stable. All in all its a great heli at a great price so if your thinking about buying 1 dont hesitate its WICKED!! FUN!! Thanks ParamountZone for an excellent service.
TOP HELICOPTER! - Review by Tobster - Essex
OMG this is awesome. I've been flying remote control helicopters for 15 years and the developments have been breath taking - just like all other technology I suppose. Even a year ago a heli like this would cost you well over £100. Its so precise in its movement and the 2.4ghz control is essential for anyone who want some proper remote control helicopter fun. Buy it, there is no way you will be dissapointed.
What a cool Copter! - Review by R00T
I originally purchased this heli because it was so cheap! I already own an Esky CP3, but when comparing the price and weight this one really is an amazing heli. It's great for beginners, but first time flyers may not quite be suited to it. However it is small and light and ideal for flying indoors. Overall, I give this cool copter
10/10 for its price, quality and functions.
Best 4Ch Micro Heli yet! - Review by Jridout
I've flown all sorts of model helicopters, including around 8 different makes of micro helis.This one is by far the best and most responsive yet! It can be very fast if you want it to be, or very slow if you're indoors. If you get into problems just let go of the stick and it will nearly instantly stop! I'd recomend this one to anyone who has mastered the infra-red types first, as you have far more control over it. This heli is very good value for money. Highly recomended!

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2.4 GHZ Remote Control Helicopter - Speed Master V911

2.4 GHZ Remote Control Helicopter - Speed Master V911 Brand: ThinkGizmos

Rating: 5 stars, based on 15 review(s).
If you've mastered Infra-red or 35 Mhz models and are looking for a step up in fun and adrenalin then this amazing Speed Master 2.4 GHZ helicopter is the answer.
Price: £38.99 - Out of stock

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