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  We've been working harder than Santa's Elves to pack our website full of the most sought after Christmas gift ideas... Below are some of our favourites, with 600+ more online @ Paramountzone.com.

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Of the Sunrise Alarm Clock With Nature Sounds

"Felt compelled to write you an email about the amazing Sunrise Alarm Clock. Have had it 2 weeks now and I feel so much more energetic during the day. A friend of mine has a Phillips one that cost over £70. This is a total bargain. Thanks!" Emma H - Woking


Our website has a dedicated page of all the best product video clips we have. Click here to see our video clip page.

The most popular product film clip this month is of the Chain Wine Bottle Holder.
Product details: (Price: £19.95) 
"It looks impossible and just a little scary, but our chain wine bottle holder is quite an astounding illusion. Your wine bottle appears to be floating - like the old Indian rope trick!! It's such a simple idea and looks amazing! The chain floating wine bottle holder now makes your favourite wine become a design feature. Creating a magical optical illusion using the principle of balance, the Chain Wine Bottle Holder is crafted from chromed iron chain, the links of which are welded together so it curves upwards to hold the bottle."

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