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Magic Wand Remote Control

Your swish is my command!

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Magic Wand Remote Control

Your swish is my command!

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Change channels, switch tracks or adjust the volume on your TV, HiFi, iPod or home entertainment system with a magical flourish using this wand-style universal remote control. Alakazam!
As seen on Dragon's Den, this amazing product secured the most investment compared to any other product in the 47 shows to date!

Fancy yourself as a wizard or witch, but can't seem to find your invitation to Hogwarts? Inspired by the magic wands in Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, and countless other masterpieces of the imagination, this authentic looking ムmagic wand' universal remote gives you the enchanting power to take control of any television, music centre, DVD player - or anything that uses an infrared remote control system!

The way it works may look like magic, but it's really packed with highly advanced technology. The wand learns the infrared codes that control your gadget or appliance and then you can assign them to different gestures that you can make with your wand. For example, rotating the wand to the left or right is the perfect gesture to adjust volume. You could tell it to change channels when you flick the wand up or down and a big swishing flourish could put your device into standby mode. Alakazam!!

Up to 13 different codes can be learnt in total, meaning that you can use it to control several different devices at once. Ingeniously, the wand will also ムtalk' back to you and let you know what mode its in using a series of pulses that you will be able to feel as you hold it.

If you want to delve behind the mystery to understand how it really works, we can tell you that inside each wand is a subtle blend of accelerometers and microprocessors that translate your movements into infrared signals. However, what you actually see is an elegant, old-fashioned wood-style wand that really can add an impressive supernatural touch to your home!

First seen on the BBC's Dragon's Den, this wand-style buttonless universal remote control even managed to cast its spell over the normally gruff and hard to impress dragons and now you can own one too!

Main Features

Main Features:
  • Magic Wand style universal remote control
  • Fantastic packaging
  • Features 13 different commands for controlling your device with
  • Adjust volume, change channel or switch on and off
  • Works with TVs, DVD players, Music Systems, Apple Computers, iPod Docks and more
  • Requires 2xAAA batteries (included)
  • Wand measures 35.5cm(L) x 2cm(D)
  • Practice mode allows you to make movements and verify that they have been recognised correctly before learning associated IR data
  • Sleep mode - the wand will automatically enter a low-power sleep mode after 60 seconds of inactivity
  • Learning mode - you can teach it one or more new codes for any of the gesture options
Magic Wand Remote Control

Magic Wand Remote Control

Rating: 4.9 stars, based on 5 review(s).
Change channels, switch tracks or adjust the volume on your TV, HiFi, iPod or home entertainment system with a magical flourish using this wand-style universal remote control. Alakazam!
Price: £39.99 - In stock

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Customer Reviews

AMAZING 5 STAR - Review by Jacob
I got this AMAZING wand for my dad, but it's so epic I couldn't not have a play, so two days later, I took it, It's really brilliant, good for anyone! And it's cheaper than other shops. So get it!
Excellent Product - Review by Anonymous
I bought this for my dad and he loves it. Already he's convinved that he has magic powers! I would recommend this to anyone, particularly since it's so much fun and so easy to use.
Awesome item! - Review by Renna
This is a top, top item. Bought one for all my friends and they're really impressed. Thanks Paramount Zone!
Just brilliant! - Review by Tomo
What more can I say, it's awesome! Get one before they go!
Awesome - Review by Cyncyn
Brilliant, brilliant gift. Makes an ideal birthday present too. Whoever invented it is some sort of genius, thank you!

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